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The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough Chapter 8: Seattle Day 3 - The Island

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Aug 25, 2020
This The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough for Chapter 8: Seattle Day 3 - The Island involves following Yara and infiltrating seraphite camps to find Lev. Here are tips for getting through unscathed. Plus locations for all collectibles including 4 Artifacts, 3 Coins, and 1 Workbench.

The Island Walkthrough

Follow Yara and go up the ladder, behind her.

Crafting Training Manual

When you get to the top, ignore Yara for a second and cut to the left. Go inside the truck and in the back is a training manual called Identify Counter and Destroy.

Coin - Idaho

Even further into the truck is a coin in the back left corner.

Coin - North Carolina

Follow Yara, jumping over the barricade to continue into the forest. Look for a car on the left. Approach the car and on the ground (to the left of the car) is a book with a coin on it.

Coin - Montana

In the first Seraphite encampment there’s a fence in between the 2 lookout posts. Go to the lookout post on the far left. Turn so your back is to it and you’ll see a ladder. Climb up. When you reach the top, walk forward and look at the crate with bags on it. There, you’ll find a coin.

Artifact - WLF Scout Journal

Start following Yara again but look at the ground and pick up the note attached to the dead body.

Artifact - Venison Distribution Note

Keep following Yara until you reach the Seraphite encampment. Enter the first one on the left. There’s also a note on the table and plenty of loot (including supplements).

Yara will stop at an etching in the tree with some optional dialogue. Keep going ahead and you’ll see a shed. Push large wooden cart under the window so that you can climb it and head inside.

Continue forward and form a plan with Yara.

Cut through the Lumber Mill

There are a lot of Seraphites ahead. As usual, take on these encounters however you wish. Below are some tips.


  • Stealth is preferable since there are so many enemies around.

  • Use the crossbow and focus on headshots and recovering arrows.

  • One of the buildings has an underwater section inside it which can be used as a temporary hiding spot. Remember you can listen while underwater.

  • If you do go rogue with melee attacks get the kill and then run away to regain your cover.

When things are clear, follow Yara into the woods. Some Seraphites will investigate but just ignore them until they run by.

Artifact - Young Seraphite’s Journal

The next collection of sheds/shacks have a warm glow to them. Enter the first one you see and pick up the note on the bed.

Workbench Location - Seraphite Shack

There’s also a workbench in the same shack with the note.

Artifact - Mournful Prayer Note

Across from that shack is a prayer-filled shack. On the right wall, is a prayer note. Once you’ve explored both buildings, follow the path until you reach the next encampment, with plenty of cornfields.


  • The above tips still apply but also be sure to use the cornfields to your advantage but be careful not to lose track of enemy locations.

  • Take it building by building. It’s a great way to get cover, gain supplies, and reorient yourself.

  • Make sure you recover crossbow arrows immediately because you’ll likely lose track of the body locations if you don’t.

When it’s clear, follow Yara into her house to find Lev. A cutscene will play and lead into the next section: The Escape.

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