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Xbox PlayStation PC Black Ops Cold War dev: scorestreak system not designed to reward bad players

  • Staff
One of the big changes in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War MP is the scorestreak system.

For the first time in a Treyarch game, the scorestreaks do not reset on death. The system is built in a way that promotes those players who get multiple kills in a single life, and lets players earn towards streaks over the course of the game.

Of course, fan reaction to this was mixed as players worried about lower skilled players getting streaks easily. But there’s a cool down timer for each streak which prevents spam, and it takes a decent amount of kills in order to get the higher streaks in game.

Treyarch’s Lead Designer, Tony Flame, has commented further on Twitter stating that the new system incentivizes ‘greater play styles.’ He also says that in order to get the higher streaks, you still have to ‘rack up’ multiple kills in the same life.

In addition, Flame also says that the system was not designed to reward ‘bad players.’ The system is designed to award ‘middle-tier’ players who invest in the game to have a shot at earning streaks.

He also said that are always reviewing the in-depth model for the points it takes to earn each streak and it is subject to change once the beta hits.

Lastly, he confirmed that the esports rule set is still in development and more info to come on how scorestreaks will work for esports.