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Xbox Xbox Series S officially revealed, priced $300

  • Staff
The price, look and design of Xbox Series S have been officially confirmed following leaks.

Update: As expected, Microsoft has made it official. The company confirmed this morning that Xbox Series S is indeed priced $300/£250/€300, and that it delivers “next-gen performance” in the “smallest” Xbox form factor. More details, it promises, will be revealed soon.

The official shot doesn’t reveal anything new, but it does confirm the lack of a disc drive.

For those unfamiliar, Xbox Series S is the official name of Lockhart, a smaller, less powerful sibling to Series X. Reports indicate it’s a 4-teraflop machine that uses the same CPU as in Series X, paired with a less powerful GPU and less RAM. It’s said to be designed for 1080p and 1440p gaming, whereas Series X can deliver 4K.