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Xbox PlayStation PC Vikendi returns to PUBG alongside the new Mosin-Nagant

  • Staff

PUBG’s seventh season starts soon and its first patch is already here.

As promised, the return of Vikendi highlights the launch of PUBG‘s Season seven. The first patch in the new season, 7.1 (18GB), is now live on the game’s test servers on PC.

The all-new Vikendi was previously available as part of limited tests with community creators, but anyone can now try it out on the game’s test servers. Vikendi has seen a big overhaul to its terrain and landmarks, with nine running trains being the biggest addition.

Many of the snow-covered spots have been replaced with grass and dirt, and a number of the bigger spots have been redesigned with more cover, and fewer buildings in certain spots. Dino Park has been expanded into Dinoland, and there’s a new Cargo Depot place.

The map’s weather has also changed to alternate between clear and snowy, and Snowbikes/Snowmobiles have been removed.

7.1 introduces a new weapon in the Mosin-Nagant bolt-action sniper rifle, available in Vikendi and Erangel. The Mosin-Nagant’s stats are a direct copy of the K98’s, as PUBG Corp. didn’t want to dilute the loot pool further. Having different weapons with the same stats, however, is an experiment and may not continue going forward. The developer didn’t want to improve diversity at the expense of availability of the fan-favourite weapons.

With a new season, of course, comes a new Battle Pass. Cold Front is this season’s ticket, complete with 100-levels of free and premium cosmetics themed after the wintry Vikendi. As always, you’ll be grinding seasonal, progression and community missions.