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Valorant Duelist ultimates ranked from worst to best in Episode 7


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Mar 16, 2022
In Valorant, Duelists are the ones with self-sufficient abilities and are meant to be played aggressively. The best way to get the most out of these Agents is to get kills early on and put the team at an advantage.
While not every Duelist has been as successful in finding a place in casual and pro play, these Agents still tend to be the most popular category in Valorant. Their abilities are fun to use and can create a massive impact if used properly.
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Kill Contract
Kill Contract, the ultimate ability of the latest Agent, ISO, requires seven ultimate points to activate and covers a large area in which the enemy caught will get pulled into a separate area for a 1v1 against ISO. Whoever wins the duel gets to continue the round.
ISO's Kill Contract is easily the worst ultimate ability in Valorant. The base idea of an ultimate for any player is to tip the odds slightly in the player's favor. However, Kill Contract evens the field by giving both players their full HP (Health Points) back with no abilities.

Empress is the ultimate ability that belongs to Reyna. It requires a total of six ultimate points to be fully activated. During the Empress form, every enemy that Reyna kills will allow her to disappear and move around while healing her HP completely. In this form, her weapon reload and firing rate will also be increased significantly.
Reyna is the most self-sufficient of all Valorant Duelists. The weakest part of her kit is that it requires her to get frags every time, which stands true for the ultimate as well. The Empress can lead to some of the most insane clutches if the player were to get kills, but if they fail to do so, the ability becomes absolutely useless.

Run it Back
Phoenix's ultimate ability requires a total of six ultimate points to activate. With Run it Back, he first places a respawn point and goes into a different mode. So, if someone shoots at him, his body respawns back on the chosen point. During this mode, he can use all his available abilities.
Phoenix is a mix between an Initiator and a Duelist. With Run it Back, he can double down on this combination by getting information on enemy whereabouts and even kill them without giving up his life. However, being unable to cancel the ultimate in the middle makes it problematic and often leads to a knife in his back.

Dimensional Drift
Dimensional Drift is the Agent Yoru's ultimate ability and requires seven ultimate points until it can be used. In this mode, Yoru goes into an invisible and invulnerable state for a short period, where he is allowed to use his abilities and can get out of it anytime he wants.
Yoru's Dimensional Drift is extremely useful in getting the enemies' exact locations, which can be helpful for a proper execution onto a site or to get intel on certain areas of the map. While the ultimate itself doesn't do any damage, Yoru can combine all of his other abilities during the Drift to get maximum impact. It is also useful for pinpointing Viper's position in her ultimate.

Overdrive is Neon's ultimate, which requires seven ultimate points to fully activate. Once activated, Neon's super speed is fully recharged, and she can shoot a lightning beam from her fingertips.
For Neon to be effective, the player's movement has to be absolutely amazing. In the same way, Neon's Overdrive also benefits from perfect movement. However, the ultimate also requires great precision as headshots do more damage, and going for just body shots might get the player killed.

Blade Storm
The ranged ability Blade Storm is that of the Valorant Agent Jett, requiring eight ultimate points to activate. With this ultimate, Jett gets five kunais that get refreshed after each kill. It is perhaps one of the coolest abilities in Valorant.
Blade Storm is mainly used for rounds with low purchases. The kunais can do 50 body damage, requiring only three shots to kill an enemy with full armor. It can also be used like a shotgun, wherein the alternate fire will shoot all its kunais at once to kill close-range enemies. However, in this instance, the player does not get them back.
What was once one of the most broken abilities in Valorant continues to be a very impactful ultimate, even after several nerfs.

Raze's ultimate ability, Showstopper, needs eight ultimate points to be available for use. When activated, Raze gets a rocket launcher that can instantly kill multiple enemies if shot in the right place.
Showstopper is easily the best ultimate ability in Valorant. It is majorly used for initiating executions onto a site and even has a lot of stall potential. While there have been a few inconsistencies with this ultimate's damage, it can wreak havoc and chaos among opponents.