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Valorant:5 best Killjoy Player Cards that can be purchased


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Mar 16, 2022
In Episode 7, Valorant introduced a new shop to the community game: the Accessories Store. Here, players can buy cosmetics like gun buddies, Player Cards, and sprays from the previous Battlepasses. This shop uses its own in-game currency called Kingdom Credits.
Having the Accessories Store has given a new meaning to all the items that existed in the previous Battlepasses. There are many items that players can purchase in this store, and Player Cards are definitely one of the best ones to purchase. Below is a list of five Killjoy Player Cards one can buy through Valorant's Accessories Store.
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Caffeine Dreams
The Caffeine Dreams Player Card was released in April 2023. It was included with Valorant's Battlepass for Episode 6 Act 3.
The Caffeine Dreams Player Card is one of a kind and does not have any alternate version with other Agents. It features Killjoy with an adorable frog hat going out in the town market to shop. This card is filled with bright colors and is definitely one of the nicest-looking cards from the Battlepass.

The Chill-joy Player Card was released in January 2021. It was included with the Battlepass of Valorant's Episode 2 Act 1.
This card shows Killjoy relaxing and doing her work while listening to music. She is also accompanied by her Alarmbot and Turret. The artwork is similar to the popular music channel Lofi Girl. While this card is not as vibrant in colors as Caffeine Dreams, it's certainly worth owning for Killjoy mains.

The Rainfall Player Card was released in September 2021. It was available in the Battlepass for Valorant's Episode 3 Act 2.
The Rainfall Player Card is also one of a kind. It shows Killjoy, along with her Alarmbot, standing in the rain in the middle of a road with buildings in the background. The Player Card goes for a darker color scheme, which is not always the case for cards featuring Killjoy.

The Nanobomb Player Card was released in August 2023. It was available with the Battlepass of Episode 7 Act 2.
The Nanobomb Player Card features Killjoy clicking a picture with her significant other, Raze. The Killjoy-Raze relationship was confirmed to Valorant fans by the developers when they released an artwork of them kissing in December 2022. The Nanobomb Player Card looks like it took place right after the released artwork. It is filled with aesthetic colors and is definitely among the best Player Cards that Valorant fans can own.

The #SAVEWIDEJOY Player Card was released in March 2022. It was made available with the Battlepass of Episode 4 Act 2.
The story behind #SAVEWIDEJOY is quite hilarious. The meme started as the Rainfall Card faced a bug wherein Killjoy would look stretched and wide in the horizontal perspective. But the community seemed to love it. The developers later decided to fix this bug, which was then met with an outcry wherein the community wanted the card to stay the same.
However, the developers fixed the card anyway. The #SAVEWIDEJOY card is supposed to be an homage to the outcry as we see the Agent, Killjoy, going over the headline of the newspaper with the same hashtag. This Player Card is a must for Killjoy mains.