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Updated Evolution Challenges and Latest Packs in Madden 23 Ultimate Team


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Mar 16, 2022
UPDATED - Evolution Challenges
Revealed on Good Morning Madden today were the upcoming Evolution Challenges to level up the free 86 OVR Bo Jackson card.
The challenges themselves haven't been revealed yet but you'll be able to evolve this card with additional exercise challenges in November and December.
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Madden 23 Ultimate Team Latest Packs
Each week we're getting more Madden 23 Ultimate Team packs as the new Gridiron Guardians II set was updated today.
An Eric Dickerson card was revealed along with the LTD DK Metcalf and the Champion Nick Bosa. We'll have the full list for you below.
Even if you don't get the top cards in the Gridiron Guardians II set, there are several 88 OVR cards that are available as well in Madden 23 Ultimate Team.

Here are the rest of the Gridiron Guardian II cards:
Nick Bosa - 91 OVR (RE) - San Francisco 49ers

--DK Metcalf - 91 OVR (WR) - Seattle Seahawks
Alter Ego (Standard Cards)
--Justin Fields - 88 OVR (QB) - Chicago Bears
--Cordarrelle Patterson - 88 OVR (HB) - Atlanta Falcons
--Sauce Gardner - 88 OVR (CB) - New York Jets
--Tremaine Edmunds - 88 OVR (TE) - Buffalo Bills
--Antonio Gibson - 88 OVR (HB) - Washington Commanders
--Patrick Peterson - 88 OVR (CB) - Minnesota Vikings
--Haason Reddick - 88 OVR (LOLB) - Philadelphia Eagles
--Andrus Peat - 88 OVR - (LG) - New Orleans Saints
To learn how much these packs will cost and to check out some of the Madden 23 Ultimate Team missions, head here.

Realistic Sliders for Madden & MUT 23
Setting up the Sliders in Madden 23 to make the game more realistic is something that several players are trying to do.
Classic will provide you with the same passing system as previous years, and it'll be the only one on current gen versions of the game.
We broke down exactly how you can have a realistic Madden 23 experience by going over all of the various Game Options, including Clock Management.

Here are the settings that we'd recommend:
Quarter Length: 10 Minutes
Play Clock: On
Accelerated Clock: Off
Minimum Play Clock Time: 20 Seconds


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