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Uncovering the Top Five Rarest Items in Rocket League


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Mar 16, 2022
Since rocket league’s release, a unique market of in-game items has developed over time, fuelling an incredibly vibrant trading scene.
Since then, some of these items have become incredibly scarce and sought after by dedicated players worldwide, with these items being traded on popular rl item trading platforms. This article reveals the top five rarest items in Rocket League as of 2023, complete with dates of origin and their approximate values.
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Alpha Boost (Gold Rush)
Alpha Boost, also known as Gold Rush, takes the top spot as one of the rarest items in Rocket League. This limited item was only available to the players who took part in the Alpha testing stage of the game before its official release, from February to August 2014. Given its limited distribution, the Alpha Boost has become a symbol of prestige and rarity. As of 2023, the Alpha Boost set is valued at approximately $6,000-$7,000, reflecting its iconic status among the Rocket League community.

Beta Gold Nugget Antenna
The Beta Nugget Antenna, a unique item distributed to the Beta testers of the game, is another coveted collectible. Rocket League Beta testing occurred from the months leading up to July 2015, a relatively short window that significantly limited the number of these items in circulation. The Beta Nugget Antenna is valued at around $300-$400, making it an impressive addition to any player’s inventory.

Titanium White Octane
The Titanium White Octane is a fan-favourite, known for its sleek design and visually appealing appearance. This particular item isn’t limited to a special event or time frame, but it is a short drop from in-game trades, thus driving up its scarcity and value. As of 2023, the price of a Titanium White Octane ranges between $70$ and $200, depending on market fluctuations.

Titanium White Dominus
Dominus, another popular battle car in Rocket League, becomes a real gem in its Titanium White variation. Initially introduced in the game’s “Supersonic Fury” DLC pack released in August 2015, this version of Dominus is a rare find from the in-game item shop, creating high demand among players. As of 2023, the Titanium White Dominus costs between $80-$150, attracting gamers who value style and rarity.
Bear in mind these two Titanium White items are a little less rare than the other items on this list, as you can get them in the shop when it rolls around, but it’s apparently been years since the Dominus appeared.

Black Market Decals
Rocket League’s Black Market Decals (BMDs) is a collection of the most vibrant and visually striking decals available in the game. These items can only be obtained from Blueprints or trading, making them highly sought after by dedicated players. The Dissolver and Titanium White Mainframe stand out for their rarity and aesthetic appeal. The approximate price for these elusive decals in 2023 hovers around $50-$100.
BMDs have lost value in recent years after Epic acquired Psyonix, as Epic has added other free visuals, meaning BMDs might not stand out as much as they used to. However, they are still rare and sought after by collectors.