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Top 5 Best PVP Weapons to Use in Elden Ring


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Mar 16, 2022
These are the 5 best PVP weapons that Elden Ring players can use to win their duels in the Lands Between.
Elden Ring PVPs can be grueling to get into it. Depending on your dedication, there are even player-designated areas for dueling.
But once you get to those areas, you’ll need to be ready for anything. The meta is currently plagued by dual-wielding bleed builds that’ll take your health down in a second.
Thankfully, these 5 Elden Ring PVP weapons will allow you to overcome any obstacle, even if it’s a Cross Naginata dual wielder.
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Best Overall PVP Meta Weapons in Elden Ring
These are the best PVP weapons to use in duels across the Lands Between after Elden Ring Patch 1.05.
These weapons will help you achieve victory in your duels while also giving you the freedom to customize your own build.

5. Vyke’s War Spear
Vyke’s War Spear is a Great Spear that scales off Faith, Dexterity, and Strength. It’s great for players looking to design their build around Dexterity with a hint of Faith.
Its former owner has one of the more interesting stories in Elden Ring since they were on the same route as the player before they descended to madness.
Vyke’s War Spear inflicts madness on the player and the enemy it hits. Its ability to thrust and inflict madness makes it one of the most potent weapons in Elden Ring.
Its special weapon skill, FrenzyFlame Thrust, lunges players forwards and performs a plunging attack that sets off an explosion of madness.
When using it on PVP, it’s great at keeping your enemies a distance from you, but it also gives you the option to quickly close that distance if necessary.
Location: Drops from Festering Fingerprint Vyke in the northeastern region of Liurnia of the Lakes.

4. Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear
Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear is a Great Spear in Elden Ring imbued with the blood abilities of Mohg, Lord of Blood.
It’s one of the most powerful Arcane weapons in all of Elden Ring, and it can single handily take down most enemies.
What really sets this weapon apart from most is its special weapon skill, Bloodboon Ritual. The Bloodboon Ritual inflicts bleeding on enemies while also dealing fire damage. It also leaves Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear imbued with Bloodflame.
This means that your ability to inflict bleeding is more powerful, and you also have the reach of a great spear. It’s also incredibly difficult to dodge the Bloodboon Ritual since it can target enemies behind walls and objects.
Location: Obtained after defeating Mohg, Lord of Blood, and turning in the Remembrance of the Blood Lord to Enia.

3. Clayman’s Harpoon + Glinstone Pebble Ash of War
This weapon is primarily dependent on the Glintstone Pebble Ash of War, which is incredibly powerful in PVP. The Glinestone Pebble Ash of War takes out a large chunk of your enemy’s life bar and leaves them completely open for a thrust attack from your Clayman’s Harpoon.
Finding both is relatively easy as well. For the Glinstone Pebble Ash of War, you can simply purchase it from Sorcerer Rogier relatively early on.
For Clayman’s Harpoon, you’ll need to wait a little longer since you can’t obtain it until you’ve progressed through Ranni’s quest line.
Once you’ve obtained both, then you simply need to add the Glinstone Pebble Ash of War to your Clayman’s Harpoon at a nearby Site of Grace. But when doing so, make sure to use the Magic Affinity.
Location: Found in the Siofra River Well Depths.

2. Cross Naginata Dual Wield
The Cross Naginata Dual Wield bleed build is the current meta in Elden Ring. It has a fantastic reach, and using it alongside the Seppuku Ash of War basically guarantees that you’ll slay your enemies in one or two hits.
It’s currently overpowering the Elden Ring meta. So much so that you might encounter a few players using this build when playing Elden Ring PVP.
For a full breakdown of the build, you can check out our guide here! You’ll need the right talisman and Wondrous Physick to really reach your full potential.
Location: Found in the Gael Tunnel. Before the boss fight that rewards you with the Moonveil Katana.

1. Rivers of Blood
The Rivers of Blood has constantly been one of the best weapons in Elden Ring for every category. It tops our list for best overall weapons in Elden Ring for a reason.
The Rivers of Blood is unforgiving and relentless. Once players start attacking, it’s very likely that they won’t stop until their enemy has fallen.
Its special weapon skill, Corpse Piler, unleashes a flurry of blood-soaked attacks that inflict bleeding on your enemies. This allows players to quickly build up to blood loss and make quick work of their enemies. The Rivers of Blood scales with Arcane and Dexterity.
It’s the main weapon used in the Vampire Build, which heals you as you defeat enemies.
Location: Dropped by defeating Bloody Finger Okina in the Church of Repose towards the eastern region of the Mountaintops of the Giants.