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Top 10 Most Widely Used D2R Items For Every Build


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Mar 16, 2022
Most Widely Used Item 1 - Harlequin Crest
The harlequins Crest, more commonly known as the Shako. This green cap is used for good reason, it is one of the most all-around items for player vs monster in D2R, with the 2 to skills, all that life and mana based upon character level, you got 10 damage reduction, 50 magic find helping you find even better gear. This is not the most rare item, it can be hard to find when you really want that first one. As far as player vs monster, goes this Shako is used on almost every single build with some exceptions, there's exceptions to every rune, but almost everywhere the shako's used.
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Most Widely Used Item 2 - Spirit
This is the spirit shield, this for the cost of the Rune words could be one of the most overpowered items in the entire game. Only taking a Tal, Thul, Ort, Amn for just that amount, you get 2 to all skills, 35 fcr, 55 hit recovery, he gets vitality, mana, a bunch of resistance on it, it's absolutely crazy that it costs so little and that's why this gets used on almost every single character in the game at minimum, pretty much all of the casters.

Most Widely Used D2R Item 3 - Grief
This one's going to throw you for a little bit of a loop, this time we are coming at you with a weapon for the melee characters and that's the grief. This weapon has a lot of different stuff on it, but the most important by far is that added damage. This doesn't apply the same way that enhanced damage does or anything else. This added damage applies it ends up being way more damage than if you had 300% enhanced damage or something like that and crazy enough even if you're using Smite for the Paladin, even though it's on your sword that added 400 damage, it actually applies over to your shields damage.

Most Widely Used D2R Item 4 - Stone of Jordan
This one's been around for literally ever, this is the Stone of Jordan. So this is one of only two rings in the game that'll give you that one to all skills, but it also gives you stats such as 20 to mana and increased maximum mana 25%. This makes it an absolute go-to for any caster in the game, this ring has been so popular for so long at one point SOJs were actually used as the in-game currency, this one is just so iconic, that's why it had to make it on the list.

Most Widely Used D2R Item 5 - Raven Frost
There's not much worse than getting hit by a monster and getting your character absolutely frozen, running around like you're stuck in quicksand. So we're getting another piece of jewelry up next. It's going to keep that from happening and that is the Raven Frost. Almost every single character has to be wearing one of these when you're out fighting monsters, so you don't get frozen, it can be such a pain. Even though this ring is solely used for the cannot be frozen on it and all the other stats while on certain builds can help you out, the cold absorb 40 to mana, 175 to attack rating, +19 to dexterity, the fact that this ring has cannot be frozen makes it one of the absolute go-to's in that ring slide.

Most Widely Used D2R Item 6 - Call To Arms
This is a runeword weapon that you use for two seconds, you swap away from it and you never touch it again till the next game, but literally every character in the game uses these things. Most people are going to be very familiar with this one, the only things you really use on it are the battle commands and battle orders. Generally, these are Barb only skills that'll increase your skill levels and increase the amount of life and mana for you and your party. So in this case, it's going to be for you and it will help out the survivability of even your mercenary. It is kind of funny, 40% increased attack speed, a bunch of enhanced damage, prevent monster heal, a bunch of things that go towards making a good melee weapon. But this thing is only put on switch thrown in a low level base so that any character can use it.

Most Widely Used D2R Item 7 - Insight
Rune words are very popular in Diablo 2, but right here is a rune word that you don't even use, but it is used all the time. This is the Insight, it actually goes on usually your act 2 mercenary. Like the Spirit Shield, it uses incredibly low runewords, Ral, Tir, Sal, and Sol. So you can make this incredibly early on even just a nightmare. Later on for any spellcasters, anybody that needs mana at all, you can go ahead and make one of these in a crazy good Elite base and it puts out a ton of damage as well. The reason it goes great for anybody that needs mana, it's just the level 16 meditation aura when equipped, it increases the rate that your mana regenerates, solving those mana issues completely.

Most Widely Used D2R Item 8 - Enigma
This armor runeword gives you one to teleport, that way you can teleport with any character, but there's so much good stuff on this. This Rune word is so GG, this thing's got 2 to all skills, it's got 1 teleport for any character that needs it, 754 defense, you can get a ton of strength because it's based on character level, you get a little increased maximum life from one of the runes, you get damage reduction from one of the runes, you get 14 to life after kill almost like having life leech on a caster character. On top of that, you get 1 to magic find based on character level, so if you have a high level character, your magic find off this runeword is going to be in the 90s. It's really hard to understate how amazing this runeword is.

Most Widely Used D2R Item 9 - Sunder Charms
Here's one that everyone didn't have a chance to decide was great over the last 20 years, it's actually a new addition to the game. But once seeing these things and considering they'd rain from the sky, everyone's got one of these and everybody wants one and that is the Sunder Charms. Before the only way you could break any immunities was having infinity and then you could only break lightning immunes, but that is no longer the case. Blizzard wants everyone to be able to break all immunities, the second that they beat held difficulty. So in comes sunder charms. Now they do have a negative on them, whatever element or whatever physical or magic, whatever it's breaking, you get minus to that resistance. It's a substantial amount, but you can easily eliminate that by throwing a few small charms with that resistance in your inventory.

Most Widely Used D2R Item 10 - Skiller Grand Charms
With very few rare exceptions almost every single build tries to get as many skillers in their inventory as they possibly can. That's why these are some of the most commonly used things in the entire game. If you're a Javazon, throwing a few skillers down there can give you thousands and thousands of extra damage, people want to maximize their damage so much a lot of people even throw their cube in their inventory. That way they don't have to save any space in their inventory and they can fill it with even more skillers to get even more damage.