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Top 10 Hidden Secrets in Elden Ring


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Mar 16, 2022
The world of Elden Ring is immense, and it’s incredibly easy to miss a secret or two. Even secrets that completely change the way you play.
One of Elden Ring’s crowning achievements is throwing players into an expansive world with very little guidance. It provides enough so that players understand what they should do, but it allows them to do it at their own pace.
There is no place on the map that is unreachable because of story progression. Each area can be found simply by exploring or by obtaining secret items.
But with so much to discover, it can be fairly easy to miss some of Elden Ring’s more exciting secrets.
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Here are ten secrets that might change the way you play Elden Ring or look at the Lands Between:
10. Weather Affects Spell Damage

Yes, the weather does indeed affect the overall effectiveness of some spells. If you happen to be near some rain, then you’ll find lightning sorcery is more effective. This also means that fire sorcery is diminished.
Weather also affects your resistance to these damage types. So if it’s raining, you are more resistant to fire sorcery but will take more damage from lightning.
It’s a neat secret to know. It’s also helpful because you can use the weather to your advantage. The Frost Mage build allows you to freeze enemies and get up to a 50% damage boost.

9. The Chariots Can Be Destroyed
Do you know the frustratingly difficult Hero’s Graves in Elden Ring? Most of them yield some incredible rewards but will require you to navigate their intricate passages first.
A lot of them have a giant chariot waiting for you, reading to one-shot you if you even breathe on it. But have no fear because all of them can be destroyed. It just involves a sort of puzzle.
But when the chariot is destroyed, it will never come back. This means you can explore the Hero’s Grave without a care in the world.

8. Hidden Passage to Mohgwn’s Palace
Many players are familiar with White Mask Varre. The infamous Elden Ring NPC that insults your standing with maidens upon your arrival to the Lands Between.
Unfortunately, one of the best areas for rune farming, Mohgwyn’s Palace, is locked behind his quest line. Or that’s what you probably think.
There actually is a secret entrance to Mohgwyn’s Palace, but you’ll need to wait until late into your adventure to access it.
If you make your way to the Consecrated Snowfields, you’ll find a bloody portal that leads you straight to the palace.

7. Gold Flakes Mean More Runes
If you’ve ever seen golden leaves raining from the sky, then that means it’s time to start rune farming. When golden leaves are falling from the sky, you’ll notice a golden effect on your characters.
This means the number of runes you gain temporarily increased. If you play online and use a password, anytime someone else using that password defeats a demi-god, you’ll get shrouded in this effect.
This is especially helpful when you happen to be in Moghwyn’s Palace and farming for runes.

6. You Can See the Original Owners of the Sage Helms in Raya Lucaria Academy
If you were ever curious about those Sage Helms that you’ll find, especially when completing Sorceress Selen’s quest, then there is actually a way to see their original owners!
Just head to Raya Lucaria Academy, where you can find portraits for them in the Debate Parlor. But be careful since Raya Lucaria isn’t known to be the most welcoming of places.

5. Margit’s Shackle Can Reveal Hidden Doors
Margit’s Shackle is an item that you can completely miss. Players can purchase it from Patches, an NPC that has made himself known in multiple FromSoftware games.
This item can actually make the first demi-god boss battle a whole lot easier. It has the ability to tie down Margit, the Fell Omen, for a few seconds. This means players can stun him and get some critical heavy hits in.
But it also has a hidden ability. Players can use Margit’s Shackle to reveal hidden doors in a small radius around them.

4. Latenna Can Ride Direwolves
There are quite a few unique hidden abilities that Spirit Ashes have, but one of the standouts is Latenna the Albinauric. When you obtain her, you’ll notice that when summoned, she stays in one spot and rains down arrows on her enemies.
But if you summon her near a dire wolf, she’ll mount the wolf and gain mobility. When mounted, she’ll also be able to use the ability Freezing Mist. So she becomes much more viable as a Spirit Ash.

3. Some Enemies Have Secret Takedowns
Certain enemies in Elden Ring have unique ways to get eliminated. Usually, these eliminations are hinted at by purchasing the scrolls some merchants possess.
These scrolls will have little hints regarding the enemy and how to take it down easily. One of the more unique ones is the takedown of the poisonous Land Squirt.
If players throw more poison at it, eventually, it’ll implode from an overabundance of poison.
Another takedown features the giant flame-breathing heads to encounter in Elden Ring. If you jump from behind them, you’ll perform a secret finisher that causes them to implode.

2. Godwyn’s Resting Place & Body Are Accessible
It’s still possible to find Godwyn’s body in the Lands Between. For those not familiar with Godwyn, he’s basically the whole reason the Elden Ring story begins.
Godwyn is killed by the Black Knife Assassin, which marks the first death that sets off the events of the Shattering. From here, Queen Marika destroys the Elden Ring and sends its shards everywhere.
But since Godwyn is a demi-god, he is able to move his consciousness to another body. Players that make their way to the Deeproot Depths can still see his massive carcass.

1. You Can Change Maidens
Despite the story not telling players, it is completely possible to change maidens in Elden Ring. But to do so, you’ll need to complete one of the most difficult quest lines in Elden Ring.
Players will be able to obtain Hyetta as a maiden after completing her quest line and beginning the route to becoming the Lord of Frenzied Flame.
This route will completely change the motives of your character and the reason for your adventure. Instead of setting order to the Lands Between, you will set it ablaze. Once you’ve obtained Hyetta as your Maiden, you will lose Melina.
She will also despise you and make it her life mission to destroy you. So changing Maidens basically means changing everything about your position in Elden Ring as you know it.