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Xbox PlayStation PC The Witcher 4 Release Date Rumors and What We Know So Far

Believe it or not, it’s been nearly five full years since The Witcher 3 first released. Millions of gamers around the world became lost in its believable, low fantasy universe of rife with political intrigue and supernatural creatures. To many gamers, The Witcher 3 is the best game of the decade and one of the greatest games ever. It has sold more than 33 million copies across all platforms and won more than 800 awards.

Based on The Witcher fantasy novels, originally written in Polish, The Witcher video games have brought global attention to a series of books that were already immensely popular in Poland. The books and games follow Geralt of Rivia, a scar-faced, white-haired Witcher. Young boys are taken from their homes and forced to undergo intense physical and magical training so that they may grow up to become Witchers, mercenary monster hunters who travel the world killing beasts for a coin.

Last year, millions more were introduced to The Witcher’s characters and lore thanks to the mainstream success of The Witcher Netflix series. But with the second season of the show not slated to hit the Internet until 2021, fans of the white-haired monster hunter seeking more Witcher content have a long wait ahead of them.

Considering the incredible success of The Witcher 3, it’s almost certain we’ll get some sort of follow-up to the series. What’s uncertain is what it will be about and who will star in the next instalment. Unfortunately, there isn’t much concrete news to go by – we can’t even be sure they’ve started work! – but CD Projekt Red has shown an active interest in the property. Here’s everything we know so far about the next game in the Witcher universe.

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