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The Lords of the Fallen Copied Elden Ring Hardest Boss


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Mar 16, 2022
With medieval and Norse action roleplaying games being produced all over the show the last few years, titles including Elden Ring and God of War Ragnarok mean there's bound to be some overlap.
Elves, Vikings, warlords, and majestic monsters have been the themes behind a catalogue of games from the start of time. and have seen much success in recent generations of consoles and PC.
It came as little surprise when Lords of the Fallen decided to reimagine its 2014 title to marry the recent record-breaking games within its genre.
But, as the designs for the game have come to life, one major character has been forced to be left behind, as Deck13 nearly copied Elden Ring's most feared boss by accident.
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Deck 13 Nearly Accidentally Stole Elden Ring's Boss
Malenia is Elden Ring's ultimate baddy, a demi-god to be feared and even avoided due to her unbearing power with the Blade of Miquella.
Blessed with her signature blade, Malenia proves to be quite the problematic enemy. Boasting such a reach with her 10-foot flail, few bosses in other franchises have proved to have such a powerful weapon.
Malenia has become so synonymous with Elden Ring, it pierced like a dagger in the heart of The Lords of the Fallen developers when she turned out to be exactly like how they designed their main enemy.

The Lords of the Fallen Director was Devastated By Elden Ring's Main Boss
After being beaten to the punch, Deck13's Creative Director Cezar Virtosu told Edge Magazine (issue 381) that seeing the flail in Elden Ring's promotions "killed us inside."
Having designed a boss that was "nearly identical to Malenia," Virtosu and Deck 13 were forced to change their antagonist significantly.
But, the developing team are no strangers to basing their characters on another franchise's bosses, with Virtosu adding that the Dark Souls writer Hidetaka Miyazaki is "our daddy and our grandaddy."
Although The Lords of the Fallen is forced to tinker with its boss, it might be that there will still be some rather familiar foes when the game comes out. Also, we can think of worse muses than Miyazaki to inspire your fantasy epic.