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The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough Chapter 8: Seattle Day 3 - The Marina

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Aug 25, 2020
This The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough for Chapter 8: Seattle Day 3 - The Marina involves following Yara and meeting up with an old friend. Plus locations for all collectibles which include 1 Artifact and 2 Coins.

Coin - Kansas

As soon as the chapter starts, turn around and walk up the small stairs to admire the view. On the ground is a coin.

Go down the stairs. The bottom is a dead end but just before that is a spot where you can jump the railing and land on a platform. Drop down to the ground and follow Yara.

Coin - Louisiana

Follow Yara and you’ll reach a train station. Pause and walk on the right of the ramp. There, you’ll see a bucket with a melee weapon in it and a coin on the ground.

Cut through the train car (loot it for supplies, including supplements!). The fence is blocking your path so go left and down to the water.

Keep to the right. You’ll see a yellow boat ahead but turn around so that your back is towards it and go to the area on the left. Yara will notice it and call it out to you anyway.

Travel through the tunnel, following Yara and wading through the waters.

Artifact - The Marina Note

Before going up the red ladder, move ahead and jump over the concession stand. Then check the counter for a note.

Go up the ladder and once you get up there move forward and jump over the gate. Crouch to get under the truck.

Manny will join you and you’ll need to get into a building far ahead without getting killed by the sniper. Use the cars as cover. When the water gets deep enough you can use it to move but remember, water doesn’t make you invisible. Also, loot the ambulance for supplies.

When you’re finally close enough you can grab the wheely cart from the truck and use it for cover to get to the garage.

Get Through the Garage

When you’re in the garage loot it for supplies, making sure to break the vending machine glass for health. Open the garage with Manny’s help.

Infected will be around. Keep pushing through it with these tips.


  • Stealth isn’t an option since the sniper shots are giving you away.

  • Like many times, shotgun shells are your friend.

  • Try to stay within a level of cover so that the sniper doesn’t gun you down.

  • At one point a Shambler will appear so save at least one pipe bomb for this big boy.

  • Cover is important to avoid getting sniped

  • Remember to loot the area with the mattress and chairs in the back left corner as you begin to exit the garage.
Chasing the Sniper (safely)

Make your way to the bridge and the sniper will be just ahead. Move from cover to cover. You’re not attacking yet. Keep this method up when you reach the next area(s) filled with seating. Keep this up until the sniper disappears again.

Go to interact with the door and then, on Manny’s suggestion, head for the white door instead. Sneak through the restaurant until you make it outside. A cutscene will play and lead into the next section: Seattle Day 3 - The Island.

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