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The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough Chapter 8: Seattle Day 3 - The Escape

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Aug 25, 2020
This The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough for Chapter 8: Seattle Day 3 - The Escape involves getting out of here as fast as possible but don't go too fast or you'll miss the collectibles which include 1 coin and 1 workbench.

The Escape Walkthrough

Follow Yara and Lev.
Coin - Arkansas

Just after you leave the store and before you go under the truck with ‘Harst Brewer’ on it turn left and there’s a coin behind the shopping cart

Follow Yara and Lev through the forest, store, and street, etc. You’ll be following for a while, loot areas as you go. In a few moments, a cutscene will play.

After a bit of drama you’ll need to flee from some WLF soldiers. After running into a warehouse you can keep going by climbing up and through a window. Next up is a watery warehouse full of WLF soldiers. Here’s how to get through it.


  • The water is shallow but you can still swim through it!

  • Head for the section with the bar area.

  • Go further and to the left for the exit door but keep in mind that there are WLF Soldiers all around and some on the bridge structure above.

  • Keep in mind, you need enough time to actually push open the door.

Now that you’re outside again, jump over the brick wall. Follow Lev. Approach the ladder and boost Lev up to it. Climb up the ladder too and turn right. Climb into the window of the building ahead.

Workbench Location - Building Entered via Window

Approach the workbench in this small room.

Walk up to the gap in the brick wall and Lev will explain you need towards the flames. Drop down and go towards the cars and underpass. Scars and WLF members are fighting each other. Tip: since they both want to kill you try to get through without fighting much or without being detected.

You need to cut through the fast-food restaurant ahead to continue. This means you may need to take down a few folks but be aware of your end goal. Get into the fast-food place and jump through the window (since you can’t climb over the barbed wire).

Continue on Horseback

Interact with the horse and go full speed ahead. You can shoot folks from horseback as needed.

Run for the Docks

Eventually, you’ll need to continue on foot to the docks. Follow Lev. Everyone is fighting but just run for it. When you hit a dead-end turn to the left and climb up the boxes into the building. Unfortunately, it’s fiercely ablaze. Cross the planks and when the platforms fall just dropdown. Head for the debris that just blocked the exit. Interact with it to make your way out.

Save Lev

Fight the man with the axe. The key here is to wait for an opening before you strike. Remember he will swing 1-3 times before giving you a chance to attack.

Once he’s dead, wade through the water ahead. Finally, interact with and get into the boat. A cutscene will play.

Back at the Aquarium

When you’re back at the aquarium, enter the building ahead and you’ll see something upsetting. Continue forward and go through the crab door. A cutscene will play leading to the next section: Seattle Day 3 - The Confrontation.

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