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The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough Chapter 6: Seattle Day 1 - The Coast

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Aug 25, 2020
This The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough for Chapter 6: Seattle Day 1 - The Coast has tips for fighting infected on land and on the on boat. Plus, locations for all collectibles including 3 Artifacts, 4 Coins, 1 Workbench, and 1 Safe.

The Coast Walkthrough

Go to the blue cargo container and climb up to hop the fence. Note: there’s some ammo and supplements in the red cargo container (straight ahead and to the right, turning around the enter).

Workbench Location - White Door to the Warehouse

Head to the left and enter the white door of the nearby building. There’s a workbench inside and plenty of supplies in the room.

Long Gun Holster Location

Continue ahead through the next room and walk into the office space. On the desk is a Long Gun Holster.

Climb up the boxes and head out the window. Drop down and the area is infested with infected. Watch out. Fullspeed sprint if you get caught then turn around and shoot.

Head to the police car and go left, up the concrete slabs.

Coin - Alabama

Loot the dead body on the ground ahead to add another coin to your collection

Jump down into the water below and head up the concrete slabs to enter the truck. Exit out the other side and slip through the small space. Jump into the water and swim ahead to the shipwreck.

Go into the room ahead with the dead bodies on the cot. There’s plenty of supplements. Continue up the stairs and push through the door.

Artifact - Infirmary Note

One of the cots has a note on it.

Crossbow Location

There’s a dead body holding a crossbow. Take down the infected ahead. Keep in mind crossbow arrows are sturdy and can be recovered more frequently than standard arrows.

Artifact - Mutiny Note

After killing the infected in the hallway, travel all the way to the end and pick up the note on the cot under the Washington Transit Authority. This note has a safe code on it: 90-77-01. Go up the stairs. Remember, infected can’t detect your flashlight so you may as well leave it on.

Coin - West Virginia

Go across the hall. Go to the right and head towards the luggage, stuffed animal, and vending machine. On the suitcase is another coin for your collection.

Make your way to the deck. More infected will be coming for you. Head through the door, pushing through to the control panel.

Safe - Boat

After taking down the infected in the boat, go to the deck. Enter the side with the huge hole and there's the safe. Safe Combo: 90-77-01

Artifact - Ferry Log

Loot the bodies on the ground, one of them has a note.

Coin - Utah

Head up the ladder and head to the left side of the top of the ship. There’s another coin on the ground.

Continue towards the cars and jump over them. Go to the ladder and climb up. Keep moving ahead and when you reach the end, crouch down and walk under the concrete slabs.

Keep going ahead and climb up the top of the truck and long jump to the fence. The door ahead is locked but head through the window on the right.

Now that you’re inside the room, pick up a throwable object and break the glass directly above. Pick up the rope and gather it. Then, throw it through the now open ceiling window so that the rope is dangling outside (by the window you entered). Exit the window and climb up the rope to the rooftop.

Coin - Mississippi

Keep going and you’ll see the Aquarium. In front of the Aquarium, there’s a dolphin fountain. Step into the fountain and you’ll find a coin in the water.

Continue and this leads into the next section: Seattle Day 1 - Return to the Coast.

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