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The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough Chapter 6: Seattle Day 1 - Hostile Territory

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Aug 25, 2020
This The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough for Chapter 6: Seattle Day 1 - Hostile Territory includes tips for encounters against Seraphites and all collectible locations which include 12 artifacts, 1 coin, 1 workbench, and 1 safe.

Hostile Territory Walkthrough.

Walk With Manny

Follow Manny down the side of the building.

Inside the apartment building, loot the kitchen for scraps. There’s also white door leading to a bedroom. Open the drawer to pick up a note that Manny will quickly take from you. It’s private! Not a collectible.

Drop down through the hole in the floor and continue to the next room and exit out of the window, onto the scaffolding. Keep following Manny.

Artifact - Scar’s Suicide Note

When you leave Manny behind, head through an alley and down until you spot a brick building with the words “Tang’s Fabric & Imports” painted on, and turn around to see an open window across the alley leading to a small room with a dead Seraphite, who holds a note in his pocket.

Training Manual - Close Quarters

Possibly located in the same room as the dead Seraphite across from the import building, you can find this manual on a kitchen counter. This spawn may vary.

You can loot the dumpling shop for supplies. On the main path, go straight ahead, down a few steps into the building with the open doorway. Look to the door labeled exit, in this clothing store. It’s blocked but you can climb onto the table, covered by the white tarp, and pull yourself over the exit.

Climb up the car to reach the truck leading into the next apartment building.

Coin - North Dakota

As soon as you’re in this apartment, open the desk drawer at the end of the hall to add another coin to your collection.

Move forward and squeeze through the small space. You’ll have to back out take down the enemy that appears. Once dead, go through the small space again as if nothing happened.

Loot the bathroom ahead for supplements. Continue ahead by doing a running jump onto the platform across from the apartment. Loot the lookout post and continue ahead towards the overgrown plants. Crawl through the opening.

Drop down to enter a little courtyard. There’s a huge mural in front of you. Move towards it and jump through the window to loot the laundry room for supplements and other supplies.

Return to the courtyard and head through the opening ahead (the mossy wooden plank doorway). Once you squeeze into the section ahead, infected will be roaming around. Be ready!


  • Focus on stealth takedowns. Kill the infected walking ahead and then take down the one standing behind the reception desk.

  • Head to the desk ahead for more cover. Keep in mind a runner and a clicker are in this section.

  • As usual, loot the area for supplies.

When you’re ready, continue ahead, squeezing onto the patio. Lift yourself over the gap in the brick wall again to drop into the alley.

Safe - Location

Walk ahead and break the windows on the left to enter Jasmine Bakery. There’s a safe behind the register and the code isn’t too far.

Enter the restaurant and head through the back door, up the stairs. You’ll have to crawl under the furniture blocking the doorway. Listen to get a sense of where everyone is. Tip: while prone, kill the first Clicker with a headshot. Crawl a little closer and kill the second Clicker with a Pipe Bomb.

Artifact - Jasmine Bakery Safe

Long jump from the restaurant to the other building, across the street. Go through the doorway on the left and immediately turn to find a note on the cardboard boxes. It has the combination to the Jasmine Bakery Safe: 68-96-89.

Artifact - Strange Relic

After picking up the Jasmine Bakery Safe note, head into the next room and immediately look to the right for a small desk with a fan, and you can find a strange golden egg just below it, near the boarded up door.

Artifact - Plea to Seraphite Prophet

From the balcony where you found the safe combination note and strange egg, head back out onto the platform overlooking the alley and move up to find some stairs to a rooftop patio. Here you’ll find the remains of a man with a note tucked in his shirt.

Double Barrel Shotgun Location

Drop down through the floor and defeat the infected inside the shop. Behind the register, you may find the double-barrel shotgun. After looting the shop for supplies, interact with the main exit to get out of the building. Go to the safe and open it before continuing on!

When you’re ready, move forward and jump over the concrete barrier. Keep going and open the Seraphite truck ahead.

Artifact - Serpahite Prayer to Prophet - Peace

Inside the truck, on the right wall, is a peace prayer note. Exit the truck.

Artifact - Serpahite Prayer to Prophet - Prosperity

On the right side of the truck is a prosperity prayer note.

Artifact - Serpahite Prayer to Prophet - Pairing

On the right side of the truck is another pairing prayer note.

Artifact - Serpahite Prayer to Prophet - Steed

On the left side of the truck is a steed prayer.

Artifact - Serpahite Prayer to Prophet - Respect

On the left of the truck is a respect prayer.

Artifact - Prayer for Victory

On the left side of the truck, on the ground, is a victory prayer.

Artifact - WLF Soldier Meets Prophet Letter

Go into the building on the right (via the window) and pick up the note on the table.

Shortgun Holster Location

Continue through the door ahead. On the table, you’ll find a short gun holster.

Return to the area with the seraphite truck and go to the far left. Climb up to get to the platforms above. Drop down into the next grass area and crouch through the gate into the next field. Runners will be nearby but the Seraphites will likely shoot them down. Watch out for

Tips: Use the Moon milk tea shop to take down some enemies, hide, and shoot others from afar. Plus it has supplies. So does Lucky Tiger Comics (on the left).

Keep moving forward into the decrepit building ahead. Make your way up the stairs but keep listening to make sure more Seraphites aren’t waiting upstairs. Climb through the concrete slabs and crawl under all the debris.

Artifact - Letter from Seraphite Father to Son

Now that you’re on the roof, in the open air. You’ll find yourself in an empty Seraphite camp. Pick up the note on the table, secluded in the back.

Workbench Location - Empty Seraphite Camp

In this same area, you’ll find a workbench.

Slip down the grass and dirt ahead and crouch under the metal bars.

Drop down to the next Seraphite infested building.


  • Use stealth to take down the initial enemies.

  • Consider utilizing pipe bombs to kill enemies from above.

  • Stay on that side of the building but shoot Seraphites across the way. Occasionally they’ll come over but you can pick them off with stealth when they do.

  • Go down to the lower section and kill remaining Seraphites.

On the lower floor, run jump to the next slab of concrete. Go towards the outdoor sunlight and greenery and leap down. A cutscene will play and lead into the next section: Seattle Day 1 - Winter Visit.

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