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The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough Chapter 2: Seattle Day 1 - Channel 13

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Aug 25, 2020
This The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough Chapter 2: Seattle Day 1 - Channel 13 has tips for how to infiltrate the station and, eventually, escape. This includes collectible locations: 1 Artifact and 1 Trading Card.

Channel 13 Walkthrough

Now that the TV station is within your sight, climb up the concrete levels. Stand so that your back is facing the first dead body. In front of you, straight ahead, you’ll see a rope you can use to climb into the window. Pick up the bottle (crafting material) by the coffee station and swap our your melee weapon (loot dead body) if needed. Continue forward, crouching to get under the pipe into the next hallway. Open the closet for lots of crafting materials and some supplements. Exit that closet.To the left of the utility closet door, you’ll see an opening with a cable dangling from it. Climb through that opening.

Loot scraps, ammo, and explosives in the TV control center (tech area). Go to the second floor, loot the floor for supplies, and head for the opening leading outside. The door is locked so take the small ledge on the left.

Trading Card - Kimimela

Continue straight past the body that was holding the shotgun and pick up the trading card on the desk ahead. Once you’ve picked it up, continue through the doors and up the stairs.

Artifact - Dad’s Pep Talk

When you get to the top of the stairs, check out the office on the far left. It has an artifact on the long sofa called Dad’s Pep Talk
When you’re ready, open the ajar door ahead - where sounds are coming from inside. A cutscene will play. Afterward, head out from the large opening. Drop down and head back.

Escape the Channel 13 Tower

WLF members are here now. For the most part, it’s just about getting out of the building. Don’t worry about killing every member. Consider clearing the first area, main TV station, once that’s taken care of start running for the exit.

Once you’re out in the open keep sprinting ahead until you’re protected in this underground area, with a vending machine barricading the door. This brings you to the next section: Seattle Day 1 - The Tunnels.

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