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The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough Chapter 2: Seattle Day 1 - Capitol Hill

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Aug 25, 2020
This the Last of Us 2 Walkthrough Chapter 2: Seattle Day 1 - Capitol Hill explains how to get through the town and make it towards the tower ahead. It includes all collectible locations including 7 Artifacts, 6 Trading Cards, 2 Workbenches, and 1 Safe.
Capitol Hill Walkthrough

Head towards the houses/apartments.

Optional: Motel Rooms and Apartments (Collectibles)

You’ll find an apartment complex and a motel in the area. Explore the buildings for collectibles and loot or continue on the main path. Below are the notable items you can find. You can get a better understanding of the area by checking the Map Legend hanging in the corridor by the swimming pool, pictured below. Use this and the visible building numbers to help you navigate. Near the swimming pool (across from the motel) you’ll see a streak of blood on the ground leading into an apartment. Ignore survival instincts and follow it (watch out for the infected lurking inside).

Artifact - Chevy’s Apology

Go upstairs and check the bedroom. On the bed, you’ll find a note. Keep in mind there are two bedrooms upstairs.

Short Gun Holster Location

In the same room, you’ll find a short gun holster on the desk. Note: this spawn may be different for you.

Trading Card - Kinnard, E.SQ

Enter Apartment #3 (in the area near the pool). On the left of the sofa is a side table with a trading card inside - Kinnard, E.SQ

Artifact - Raul’s Olive Branch

Go to the motel parking lot. Head forward and to the right. You can get to the open apartment by dragging the dumpster off the curb (right) and then positioning it below the window. Inside the apartment, you can find useful items (including supplements in the bathroom and scrap in the laundry room) and an artifact in the drawer to the left of the fridge called Raul’s Olive Branch.

Trap Mine Recipe Location

Go to the bedroom and find a Trap Mine to unlock the Trap Mine Recipe.

Note: The motel rooms and laundry rooms don’t have any collectibles but loot them for supplies.

Optional Section Over

When you’re ready to continue to the next section move the dumpster underneath the blue tarp to hop the fence.

Fighting WLF Members Throughout the Town

Head to the left but stay within cover. There are WLFs everywhere.


  • Use proximity mines! One way is to set one up in dry cleaners and the other in one of the entry points of Nancy’s shop. After the first one goes off you can hide behind the checkout counter and shoot from afar or bide your time and wait for the enemies to run closer. Then just pick them off one at a time.

  • Once they’re cleared out be sure to loot the area for materials then press forward. You’ll encounter more WLF soldiers.
Workbench Location

You can find a workbench in the Gas Station off to the far left. Loot the area for other supplies as well. The next set of collectibles (including a training manual) is in the bookstore! Watch out for clicker and runner behind the door.

Trading Card - Doctor Stem

In the bookstore, open the door leading into a small hallway (and the bathrooms). Turn left and approach the record player between two comfy chairs.

Training Manual Stealth

In the other room in the bookstore (the coffee house section), check the table with the type writer on it for another training manual to unlock a new skill line.

Artifact - Rebecca’s Tip Off

In the same room as the training manual, approach the sink by the coffee machines. There, you’ll find another artifact in the form of a note.

Trading Card - Sergeant Frost

Visit the grocery store. You can begin your attack from above, using Molotov cocktails and far off shots to take out most of the infected. Once inside, check the lockers in the back. There, you’ll find a trading card. Be sure to loot the store for supplies including some supplements by the checkout registers.

Push forward and more WLF members will appear (be sure to loot the bank for supplies). Watch out for enemies in nearby buildings, shooting from the second floor. Once all enemies are cleared head to the Bagel Bros and/or Orchards juice shop. Head to the second floor and move forward and head to the next area by going through the huge hole in the wall. Drop down and go to your right to get over the processing booth.

Tripwire Protected Areas

Next up a clicker will come for you but the tripwire will take care of that. Proceed with caution since this whole area is booby-trapped. But before moving forward, be sure to get the next collectible.
Trading Card - Candelabra

Check the convenience store to the left. In the back, under the society of champions poster (advertising the trading cards), you’ll find your next card. Return to the main path. Let the runners spot you because at least one of them will set off the tripwire ahead.
Artifact - Tower Doodles

Move forward and take the opening on the right, labeled as restricted access (military personnel only). Take the ladder to check out the lookout post for a drawing made by a bored WLF member. Be sure to pick up scraps and other items while you’re up there.

Continue down the slope. Cross the river and you’ll see a horse destroyed by the infected and an item of intrigue. Keep moving into the forest. Ahead, you’ll find an area covered with tripwire. Be sure to toss items at or shoot the canisters to set them off safely so you can pass through. Walk slowly and keep an eye out. Dina will warn you when you’re near one so stop moving the second you hear her voice, just to be safe. Go to the left of the barricaded gate (blocked by the mattress) to check out the thrift store for some loot, collectibles, and a safe.

Trading Card - Blizzarebra

Enter the thrift store and walk forward a bit. On your left you’ll see bookshelves. On the children’s bookshelf (back left by the white lamp), you’ll find another trading card.

Artifact - Thrift Store Reminder

While still in the thrift store, go through the door ahead. You’ll be in a room of vending machines. Turn to the right and you’ll see an artifact pinned to the corkboard. It gives you a partial code for the safe.

Safe - Thrift Store

The safe is located in the backroom of the thrift store. Part of the code is written in the Artifact - Thrift Store Reminder collectible. To get the entire code read the graffiti on the left of the bathroom sink (room closest to the vending machine). Safe Combination 55-01-33

Artifact - Frank’s Refusal

Enter the decrepit building (gym). There are several entry points. Take the hallway to the left of the trophy case, by the boxing area, and you’ll see a corkboard with an artifact on it. (Fran’s Refusal).

Workbench Location - Gym

Continue and you’ll reach a room with a workbench. To continue on the main path, exit (so that you’re near the Thrift Store again), and approach the truck with the Feel Her Love mural on it. Approach it to interact with and open it up for some crafting materials and a way to continue forward. Once you reach the end of the truck exit right and continue ahead (note: there’s a very hard to see tripwire blocking the path forward).
Towards the TV Station

There’s a lot of tripwire ahead but also a lot of bottles and bricks on the ground to get you through it. Use those and save your ammo as best you can. When you get to the end you’ll need to climb up but there’s tripwire on the staircase so climb on the right and take out the wire from a safe distance. The door ahead is locked so jump over the concrete on the right and take the next ledge to climb over the bent part of the fence.

This brings you to the next section: Seattle Day 1 - Channel 13.

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