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The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough Chapter 1: Jackson - The Overlook

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Aug 25, 2020
This section of our The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough Chapter 1: Jackson - The Overlook includes tips for defeating the first infected enemies in the game. Plus locations for all collectibles which includes just 1 Artifact.

Chapter 1: Jackson - The Overlook

  • On Your Own
  • How to Fight
  • Artifact - Note from a Father
  • Kill or Avoid the Runners in the Car-Filled Field

Follow the man until a cutscene plays.

On Your Own

Head forward and turn right, jumping over the log. Continue straight ahead, jumping onto the snowy ledge to reach higher ground. Continue forward (on your left is just a giant cliff), climbing up the subsequent snowy ledges. Bear right so you can continue up the slope. At the top you’ll be prompted to sprint jump (L1 + X) onto the next area. Once there, continue down the mountain (keeping somewhat left). Crawl underneath the branch (hold circle to get into the prone position). Keep making your way down. You’ll reach a more narrow area between the rocks and see something alarming. Follow the trail of bodies leading you to another narrow passageway. Move the left joystick up and press X to squeeze through. Something will be blocking your path and you’ll be prompted to press and hold triangle to remove it.

How to Fight

Take down your first enemy by following the on-screen prompts. Dodge with just a tap of the L1 button. You should see Amy visibly jump/maneuver out of the way; that’s how you know you’ve done it right. Be sure to run if your back is against the rock to get more space to bob and weave. Draw/aim your gun with L2, and shoot with R2, melee attack with square. Continue forward and be ready for a few more enemies to appear. You’ll likely be prompted to heal after the encounters. Do it. Then jump on top of the trash cans and head into the garage. Move forward, through the laundry room and into the next area. Be sure to grab the ammo sitting on the counter and reload your gun. Then move to the left of the entire countertop, near the oven and fridge, so you can crawl under the garbage and debris. Hold Circle to get into position.
Crawl forward and you’ll see an enemy up ahead. You can shoot from the prone position so consider aiming and getting a more relaxed headshot in or move closer and your foe will crawl towards you, face first for a debatably easier (albeit moving) target.

Crawl out of the building and continue ahead.

Artifact - Note from a Father

Now that you’re out of that ruined home, immediately turn the corner around the house to find an open window leading into a bedroom with a health pack in a suitcase. Cross into the hall and then look for a small home office with an open window, and the note will be on the table by the window. Get ready for more indoor drama and walk to the next building (towards the porch with the broken railing). Squeeze through the small opening. A quick tutorial on stealth kills will appear. Listen (R1) to get a sense of the target’s position. Remain crouched and approach. When you’re in range, grab the enemy (triangle), and execute the stealth kill. Be sure to loot the body. Supplies: Go the bedroom next door (on the right of the room you entered originally). There’s ammo on the nightstand by the bed.
Crouch as you head down the stairs because another 2 runners waiting for you in the living room (one close, and the other a bit further is the distance).Plus, another wandering between the kitchen and the garage ahead. Stealth kills are best here to conserve ammo.

Tip: take down the nearby one when he’s closest to the stairs. Once he’s dead, back up and take cover behind one of the two sofas, then use the wall with the deer head/shoe rack as cover while you track the movement of the one walking between the garage and kitchen area. Strike when the time is right. Supplies: Pick up the ammo under the deer head, next to the boots. Grab the health kits on the kitchen counter by the dishes/sink. Pick up the ammo on the tarp in front of the car. Once you leave the garage and are out in the open air, walk forward and to the closed wooden door on your left. Approach it and jump over it.

Kill or Avoid the Runners in the Car-Filled Field

The next area is full of enemies (runners). Take cover and make sure your gun has been reloaded. Again, stealth is always better. Tips: Use the cars to your advantage, circling around and striking at the best moment. Head right of the first truck to take out the next few runners. As you get further in, notice the truck on the right creates a perfect crawl space for you to avoid this last encounter completely.

Head forward and squeeze through the tight spot ahead (Up on the L stick and X). Abby will make an observation and the next section: Chapter 1 Jackson - Patrol, will begin.

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