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The Last of Us 2 Collectibles Guide Chapter 7: Seattle Day 2 - The Descent

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Aug 25, 2020
This portion of The Last of Us Part Two guide includes all collectible locations in Chapter 7: Seattle Day 2 - The Descent. This includes all Artifacts, Workbenches, Safes, and Collectible Coins. Remember that you can revisit any chapter section to replay an area and collect missing items by returning to the main menu and selecting a chapter once you have completed it.
The Descent Collectibles Overview

View the sections below to locate a collectible in the order they are found.
  • Artifacts: 3
  • Coins: 5
  • Safes: 1
Coin - Illinois

The Last of Us™ Part II_20200620013146

As soon as this section begins, drop to the bottom of the pool and pick up the coin.

Artifact - Gym Safe Combo

The Last of Us™ Part II_20200620013830

Enter the Juice Bar and jump the counter to go into the kitchen. Approach the corkboard and pick up the note. There’s a hint for the safe that says “the code is the same as the wifi.”

The Last of Us™ Part II_20200620013724

Exit and walk ahead to the gym. Behind the desk is a sign that says Free Wi-Fi with the password written underneath. That’s the safe code: 12-18-79

Safe Location - Gym Closet

The Last of Us™ Part II_20200620013952

Enter the hall closet across from the gym to find the safe and enter the code: 12-18-79.

Artifact - FEDRA Orders

The Last of Us™ Part II_20200620014104

Opening the door to the staircase (across from the gym) will automatically cause you to loot the body. There’s a note you pick up automatically. Go down the stairs.

Artifact - FEDRA Final Notes

The Last of Us™ Part II_20200620015514

As soon as you drop from the firehouse, move to the right for a small room with a dead soldier. Look on the ground for a note.

Weapon - Flamethrower

The Last of Us™ Part II_20200620020200

As you slowly descend into the depths of the building, you’ll drop down to find more Stalkers growing out of the wall. You’ll reach a large gap with some platforms below you, and a slightly open door on the right, leading to a small path over the gap. Once you make it over a narrow board into a bathroom, look for a soldier on the left near another Stalker in the wall to find a Flamethrower! Thanks, FEDRA!

Coin - Oregon

The Last of Us™ Part II_20200620021024

After fighting the shambler you’ll have to drop down to a lower floor. Instead of crossing metal beams for more exploration, turn around and long jump into the room across from you - Room 1107.

The Last of Us™ Part II_20200620021042

On the table to the right, is a mirror.

Coin - Wisconsin

The Last of Us™ Part II_20200620021817

After getting through the long hallway (motel rooms) filled with infected you’ll drop down through an elevator shaft. When you exist, break the vending machine in front of you and a coin will drop out.

Coin - Rhode Island

The Last of Us™ Part II_20200620022045

Once you make it out into the fresh air go to the outdoor bar and behind the register you’ll find another coin for your collection.

Coin - Missouri

The Last of Us™ Part II_20200620035630

Before entering the hospital turn right and enter the building nearby. At the end of the hall is another coin to add to your collection.

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