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The Last of Us 2 Collectibles Guide Chapter 4: Seattle Day 3

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Aug 25, 2020
This The Last of Us 2 Collectibles Guide for Chapter 4: Seattle Day 3 has all the locations for all 16 artifacts, 12 trading cards, 5 journal entry, 4 workbenches, and 3 safes.
Seattle Day 3 Collectibles

  • Road to the Aquarium Collectibles: 3 Artifacts, 4 Trading Cards, 1 Journal Entry, and 2 Workbenches.
  • The Flooded City Collectibles: 6 Artifacts, 2 Trading Cards, 1 Journal Entry, 2 Workbenches, 1 Safe
  • Infiltration Collectibles: 1 Journal Entry
Road to the Aquarium Collectibles

Trading Card - Esquire

When you wake up at the start of this chapter, you’ll be in a dressing room at the back of the theater. Head out towards the front of the stage until you reach a room before the giant red curtains but do not go through the curtains, and look to the left to find a trading card on a desk with a microphone.

Trading Card - Tormenta

After breaking the glass to enter the convention center building with Jesse, continue ahead. You’ll pass a kitchen and bathroom before reaching an open door, with the entrance partially blocked. Crawl underneath the mess to reach a back office. On the computer desk, you’ll find a trading card.

Workbench Location - Computer Filled Office

In the same office, listed above, you’ll find a workbench.

Artifact - Garage Note

Once you drop down into the long flooded street with Jesse, swim through the first large pool and climb up and move backwards towards a darkened parking garage inhabited by two Stalkers and a Clicker. Once they have been dealt with, move up and around until you find an upper level where a body is lying - but be ready for an ambush by a few more infected - and then loot the body for a note, as well as ammo, a machete, and other supplies.

Trading Card - Tanager

In the decrepit bookstore, crouch underneath the slab of concrete held up by bookshelves (on the ground floor). While you’re under there, look at the shelves. One of the bottom ones has a trading card on it.

Journal - Mushrooms

Go to the children’s section of the library with the Alice in Wonderland mural. Approach the fake trees, covered in mushrooms for another entry.

Artifact - Bookstore Note

Turn so that your back is to the Alice in Wonderland mural. Directly ahead of you is a table covered in books. On that table, you’ll find a stray page from a children’s book.

Artifact - Textile Note

After fighting alongside Jesse, against WLF members and their dogs, you’ll have some time to explore the construction heavy area of decrepit stores. Go to the construction area with the scaffold and blue tarps. It’s where the sniper was standing. Jump over the Warren Properties construction signs to enter the building; it’s a Boba shop. Go up the stairs, in the back, to reach a textile shop (full of yarn and other materials). Loot the area for supplies and approach the windows to pick up another note to Jules hanging on the brick wall.

Workbench - Near Mannequins

After getting through the scuffle with WLF members by the rundown stores and construction, look to your left to find a damaged building with a store called Norkirk Cosmetics. Enter, and then climb up some concrete slabs to find some mannequins creepily placed around. Take a left keeping the ruined building on your left to swim into a pool and under a large truck. On the other side, you’ll find another muddy slope to enter the building, where more mannequins are placed around. Keep moving past them and up the concrete slabs to a second floor, then check an adjoining room by the windows to find a workbench.

Trading Card - Tatuaje

After Jesse suggests the two of you steal a boat you’ll continue into a decrepit building. After crawling under some debris, look to the left and pick up the card on the shelf before lifting the debris, with Jesse’s help, to move through the next door.

The Flooded City Collectibles

Trading Card - Seff-L’Ho’Phaq

As soon as you are able to exit the boat when you reach a gate, get off and turn back around to locate an open door along the water, and enter the office. Look at the end of the room for a desk with a computer, and open a nearby drawer to find the trading card.

Journal Entry - Ferris Wheel

After you get out of the boat to find a way to open the gate, head left through a storage area and up some stairs to a second floor hallway. Through a nearby window you can see the ferris wheel in the distance - stand in front of it to sketch it out.

Artifact - Stash Note

Just to the left of the window looking out at the ferris wheel, you can find a dead body against a corner of the hallway you’ve entered, and next to him lies a note with a clue to a nearby safe combination.

Safe Location - Warehouse

With the Stash Note in hand that you claimed in the hallway, run down to the opposite end of the hallway where debris blocks your path - but you can move a pallet on wheels to the side to crawl through to the far end. Drop through a window to find yourself next to the boat behind a cage where the safe is, and use the combination 70, 12, 64 to open it and find ammo, supplies, scrap, and supplements.

Workbench - Next to Sleep Warehouse

Continue your boat ride down more slopes until Ellie needs to restart the boat, and you’ll find yourself in front of a big building called Seattle Sleep Warehouse. Take a left before entering the building to find a patch of land in front of another building with a faded sign reading “Manufacturing Production Dis-” above a torn blue awning and some blue barrels. Enter the smaller warehouse to find a workbench you can use in this area - and be sure to check the flooded section of the room for spare scrap before making your upgrades.

Artifact - Shambler Note

In the river on the other side of the Seattle Sleep Warehouse and just past where the previous workbench was located, look for a flooded entrance to the Carthy Hotel on the right, and move in to find a corpse with a few supplies and a note about Shamblers.

Artifact - Encampment Note

In the next large open water area, you can’t miss a boat full of WLF Soldiers taking on Seraphites holed up in a broken building lit by orange lights. Let the Seraphites engage while you sneak in from the side and then mop up the remaining Seraphites. Head to the second floor and look for an enclosed room with glass windows, and you’ll find a note posted on the wall for Jules.

Artifact - Sniper’s Note

Outside the Seraphim Camp, look in the middle of the lake for a monorail that has crashed down and created a slope you can move up to get on the raised monorail line. Move through the cars until you reach a locked door, and grab a nearby rope. Drop down with the rope on the right side, and use it to swing to a nearby platform where you can then enter the next car. Here you’ll find a dead WLF Soldier holding assorted ammo and supplements, and a note has been left on the seat across from the body.

Artifact - Arcade Flyer

After clearing out the camp of Seraphites, take your boat under their building and keep moving until you break through the windows of a flooded bar and arcade with a fence blocking your progression. Leave the boat, and search the tables above the water to find a flyer on one of the tables.

Workbench Location - 2nd Floor Arcade

While you’re in W&B Arcade, head upstairs via the stairs to search the upper floor where the arcade section is, and near the back wall you can find workbench near a dead Seraphite on the balcony.

Trading Card - Khazakh Bright

In the W&B Arcade’s second floor, move along the balcony from the workbench to find a side room where a birthday party was held, as well as a locked door. You can try moving a nearby palette towards the door, but the floor will give way, locking you into a fight with a Bloater. After you defeat the infected, look near the front windows for a shutter you can pull up to reveal a prize booth, and hop over to find a Trading Card behind the display cases.

Artifact - Arcade Note

After you unlock the prize booth, head through the rooms beyond to move up to the second floor of the arcade area, and look for a sign at the back wall for a “PC Cafe”. Turn around once inside to find yet another note for Jules near the circular doorway.

Infiltration Collectibles

Journal Entry - Owen Moore Firefly Pendant

After seeing the surgical table (recently used) enter the kitchen/breakroom area with sleeping bags on the floor. Interact with the duffle bag on the left to examine a pendant and sketch it in your journal.

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