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The Last of Us 2 Collectibles Guide Chapter 3: Seattle Day 2 - The Seraphites

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Aug 25, 2020
This portion of The Last of Us Part Two guide includes all collectible locations in Chapter 3: Seattle Day 2 - The Seraphites. This includes all Artifacts, Trading Cards, and Journal Entries. Remember that you can revisit any chapter section to replay an area and collect missing items by returning to the main menu and selecting a chapter once you have completed it.
Finding Strings Collectibles Overview

View the sections below to locate a collectible in the order they are found.
  • Artifacts: 7
  • Trading Cards: 6
  • Journal Entries: 3
  • Workbenches: 2
  • Safes: 2
Trading Card - Randy Styles

Soon after starting in this area and moving through the checkpoint, climb up and over the barriers into the nearby Quickmart, and look along the shelves near the front registers at the store to find a display for trading cards with one still left.

Journal Entry - Feel Her Love

From the Quickmart, head outside and round the corner, keeping to the right side of the street to enter the lobby of a building with a closed conference room. To the left of this blocked door will be a message painted in blood by the “Scars” that you can jot down.

Artifact - Last Letter to Husband

In the large office building with the journal entry writing on the wall, you can enter an elevator shaft to reach a second room, only to find a locked door to another office. In order to get around, you need to grab a nearby rope that was used for hanging, and bring it over to the window. Use a brick or bottle to break the overhanging glass so that you can throw the rope over the pole, and then climb it from below and swing through the open window into the office full of supplies and ammo. In the far side of the room by some couches and sleeping bags you can find a note.

Trading Card - Shift

In the same conference room as the previous note that you need to throw a rope out the window and swing into, look near the couches and window in the far corner to find a trading card by a sleeping bag and some playing cards.

Artifact - WLF Target List

Down the street from the Quickmart and office building is a sealed restaurant - the Kingsgate Brewing Co. - swarming with a few stationary Clickers and Runners. The only way inside is to break the glass - so set a trap with a loud noise and molotovs or trap mines to destroy them as you break a window, or wait until they calm down to take them out silently. Search the bodies of the Clickers for a note from the WLF.

Workbench - Luxury Apartments

Up the main road where the path to Highway 5 is blocked, look to the left to spot a luxury apartment building with its front door locked, and enter to the right by crawling through an open window to the basement laundry room. Head up from the lobby to the first floor and open the apartment door on your right where you’ll find a workbench next to the kitchen at the end of the hallway. Warning: You will be attacked from behind, so be ready to fend off multiple attackers!

Training Manual - Organic Chemistry (Explosives Skill Tree)

After you interact with the workbench in the luxury apartments, you’ll be ambushed by a team of humans hiding out in a locked room in the apartment. Once they are taken care of, inspect the bedroom they were hiding in to find a Training Manual on the bed.

Artifact - WLF Deserter Letter

Also located in the locked bedroom in the luxury apartments that four enemies are hiding in until you use the workshop, look in the bedroom on a table with a big TV to find a letter by the door.

Artifact - Evacuation Letter

In the luxury apartments with the workshop, there’s another apartment that has a locked front door. To get inside, break the windows looking down on the street to hop across platforms and break your way in through the windows back into the apartment. Look on the kitchen table to find a note left from a refugee.

Safe - Luxury Apartments

In the same apartment with the locked door that you found the previous note in that mentioned a safe, head into the bedroom to find a safe in the closet. The note mentioned a wedding date, and you can find a convenient calendar on the other side of the bed that circles 10/08/13 as their 30th anniversary - and 30 years ago would have been 1983, making the combination 10, 08, 83. Inside you’ll find ammo and supplements.

Trading Card - Star Sign

Also found in the luxury apartment bedroom where the safe is located, search the bedside tables to find a trading card tucked away by the bed.

Journal Entry - Hospital Sign

This journal entry is added automatically after you make your way into the garage and move a dumpster outside to help you over a low wall. Ellie will take a look at the distant hospital and jot down its sign to remember it by.

Trading Card - Arch-Enemy

Once you spot the hospital in the distance and enter the Seattle Conference Center, get down from the upper levels by jumping onto a scaffold and moving down below. The door nearest you is locked, but if you look around the corner you can find two interior windows high up that you can break by throwing something, and then climb up over into the small office. Look inside some of the drawers in the office near the weapons and ammo to find a trading card.

Journal Entry - Dead Scar

Clear the first pack of Scars in the park as you make your way to the hospital. Once you reach the other side of the park to the street filled with burning fires and dead WLF Soldiers, look to the left at the end of the street for a dead Scar holding an axe by a bus stop, and Ellie can sketch his body.

Trading Card - Doppelganger

After the Seraphite filled forest, you’ll force open some wooden doors to enter a hotel. Go upstairs and look at the floor by the small half-round table in the corner of the hall. Among the random toys, you’ll find another trading card.

Artifact - Dying Husband’s Plea

Exit the hotel, mentioned above, through the window. Move up the fire escape stairs to the next door. You’ll notice if you go through the door, down the hall, and through the door on the right you’ll see the door is locked. Stay on the fire escape and break the window to head inside.

Check the right, back corner. There’s an artifact on the floor by the dead body, near the desk and green trash can.

Trading Card - Bhat M’andarr

On your way to the hospital, you’ll have to swim. While swimming, keep an eye out for concrete stairs by the pay for parking kiosks. Go up those stairs to reach a pharmacy. Inside the pharmacy, walk to the exit ahead but turn around when you get there and look at the shelf to the right of the yellow kiosk. Look at the box of cards to pick up the next trading card.

Artifact - Pharmacy Note

In the pharmacy, jump behind the counter and there’s an artifact in the shelving. This note will give you another safe code: 38-55-23.

Safe Location - Back Room of the Pharmacy

Head back towards the staircase but look to your left for a hole in the wall that you can crawl through, giving you access to the back room. Open the safe with the code: 38-55-23. Loot the room for supplies (including supplements!).

Workbench Location - Back Room of the Pharmacy

In the same room as the safe, you’ll find a workbench.

Artifact - Hospital Supply List

After you enter the hospital and take out the big group of WLF Soldiers, you can find a door in the far corner to squeeze through and barricade the stairway with boxes. Once you reach the first floor up, look across the hall into a room full of couches and sofas and check the table behind them for a supply list note.

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