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The Last of Us 2 Collectibles Guide Chapter 2: Seattle Day 1

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Aug 25, 2020
This The Last of Us 2 Collectibles Guide for Chapter 2 Seattle Day 1 has all the locations for all 45 artifacts, 24 trading cards, 24 journal entry, 4 workbench, and 1 safe.
Seattle Day 1 Collectibles

  • The Gate Collectibles: 6 Artifacts, 4 Trading Cards, 1 and Journal Entry.
  • Downtown Collectibles: 18 Artifacts, 5 Trading Cards, 2 Journal Entries, 1 Workbench, and 3 Safes.
  • Eastbrook Elementary Collectibles: 3 Artifacts and 1 Trading Card.
  • Capitol Hill Collectibles: 7 Artifacts, 6 Trading Cards, 2 Workbenches, and 1 Safe.
  • Channel 13 Collectibles: 1 Artifact and 1 Trading Card.
  • The Tunnels Collectibles: 5 Artifacts, 3 Trading Cards, 1 Journal Entry, and 1 Workbench.
  • The Theater Collectibles: 4 Artifacts, and 2 Trading Cards
  • The Birthday Gift Collectibles: 1 Artifact, 2 Trading Cards, and 2 Journal Entries.
The Gate Collectibles

Trading Card - Motivator

Soon after the chapter starts, Dina and Ellie will come across a few cars in a clearing with an overgrown bus stop. Get off your horse and inspect the side of the bus stop to find a panel where the trading card is stashed.

Trading Card - The Starfire Kids

Upon reaching the overgrown freeway, head towards Seattle and pass under a bridge, and then look on the left side of the road for a small construction site trailer. Enter inside to find a trading card on a corkboard in the first room.

Artifact - Map of Seattle

In the same construction site trailer on the left side of the freeway, look in the second room for a desk drawer by a broken window to find a map of Seattle inside the drawer.

Journal Entry - WLF Gate

When Dina and Ellie finally reach the large sealed gate into Seattle, inspect the giant message written by the WLF at the front gate to jot it down in Ellie’s journal.

Artifact - Refugee Note

At the abandoned FEDRA military checkpoint at the entrance to Seattle, look for the nearest large military trailer next to the road and head inside to find a note from a refugee left on one of the desks.

Artifact - Infected Infographic

Also at the abandoned FEDRA military checkpoint, look for the other military trailer near the back wall, and enter inside to find a note with photos of various stages of infection on a table in the trailer.

Downtown Collectibles

Downtown - Main Path

Artifact - Emergency Protocols Memo

This collectible appeared in two different locations depending on the file we played on.

At the entrance to the Ration Distribution Center (Synagogue), you can find a ladder leading up to a command post looking down on the field below. Search the lookout posts to find a note in one of the drawers.


After climbing the trolley cart to reach the upper section of the Ration Distribution Center / Synagogue you’ll be facing some tables. To the left of the little TV/monitor is an artifact in the form of an Emergency Protocols Memo.

Journal Entry - Hebrew Calendar

After using the rope to swing to the other balcony (on the 2nd floor) of the synagogue turned ration distribution center (where you found the gas can), head into the office. Interact with the calendar on the wall for a journal entry.

Artifact - Rabbi Saunder’s Letter

In the Synagogue, use the trolley to reach the second level, and swing across towards the ledge with the open window - and enter the Rabbi’s room on the side. Look behind the desk for a drawer for a letter from the Rabbi.

Artifact - Plea to a Friend

After getting through the initial floor of the courthouse, head downstairs and Interact with the decaying bodies for an artifact.

Artifact - Lt. Torres’ Final Memorandum

On the first floor of the Courthouse where the Fedra officers were executed, look to the left for a window into the Bailiff's Office, and break it open to head inside. At the far end is another executed officer, and by taking the machete out of his chest, you’ll find a note tucked away into his shirt.

Artifact - List of Known WLF Agitators

Also in the Bailiff's Office on the first floor lobby of the Courthouse, check the cabinets to the left of the dead officer to find a note on WLF instigators.

Courthouse Safe

The last of three safes in Downtown can be found in Bailiff's Office on the first floor lobby of the courthouse. Enter via the windows and look on the whiteboard above a dead officer to find the code for the safe - located below the desk you hopped over to get in. The code is 86, 07, 22 - and contains various scrap and supplements.

Artifact - WLF Recruiter Journal

This artifact can be found after getting the gasoline and opening up the gate to the Serevena Hotel. Once inside, defeat the infected and then move up to the second floor, entering the suite straight from the stairs. Open a drawer in the second room under a TV to find the note.

Trading Card - Know It All

Also located in the Serevena Hotel, enter room 216 - the same room with the WLF Recruiter Journal note, and look in the drawer between the two beds to find a trading card.

Downtown - Optional Exploration

Artifact - FEDRA Census Document

You can find this right as you finish The Gate mission and Downtown begins. After you reach East Gate 2 (aka the **** FEDRA Gate), you’ll be tasked with finding gasoline for a nearby generator. Nearby on the left is a small gatehouse, and you can search inside for a note in a drawer.

Artifact - Cache Hunter Note

Located across the river from where you first enter the large downtown field, look for a small isolated ruined building floor just outside the Westlake Bank building off to the left, and you’ll find a skeleton with a bag that holds a note regarding the nearby bank.

Artifact - Bank Heist Plans

This document can be found at the Westlake Bank, which is located on the left side of the large open field (the southwest building on the downtown map). Once you enter the ruins and drop down into the bank entrance. Defeat the lurking infected and then enter the safety deposit box room, where you’ll find a dead body and a bag that holds the note.

Weapon / Safe - Pump Shotgun

Also located at the bank, use the note from the dead body with the bank heist plans to open the nearby vault, using the code 60, 23, 06, and enter to find another dead body holding a shotgun.

Artifact - Bank Robber Letter

Located in the bank vault - which can be opened using the note outside the vault (60, 23, 06), look on the large main table inside the vault to find a note left by the trapped robber.

Artifact - Antique Ring

This artifact doubles as a trophy, and can be found in the bank’s vault. Enter the vault using the note found outside (the code is 60, 23, 06), and once inside, look in the back right corner behind a table full of money to find an open deposit box that has a small ring inside.

Artifact - Letter From Isaac

Further west up the hill past the bank, move down a slope from a collapsed building to find a small plaza with a tank that Dina points out. In the rubble in a corner behind the tank you can find a skeleton holding a bag that contains a note.

Trading Card - Doctor Uckmann

Just to the east of the domed synagogue, you can find a skeletal corner of a building with a few walls and stairway still standing. Climb up the stairs, and break open the windows to move along the outer platforms of the building, allowing you to run and jump to cross the gap to continue climbing to the third floor of the building’s remains. At the top you’ll find WLF inscribed on the wall, along with many supplies - including scrap, supplements, and a trading card in a drawer.

Artifact - Informant Letter

Along the freeway-turned-river, you can find a caravan of FEDRA trucks that were ambushed by WLF. In the middle of the river is a truck you can open to find several skeletons of officers, and will also hold items like scrap and a letter.

Trading Card - Das Wort

Located inside the music shop near the Synagogue, look behind the main front counter when you enter the shop for a drawer next to the cash register where this trading card is hiding.

Workbench Location - Tent Near Music Shop

There are plenty of supplies and a workbench off to the side, in an elevated grass area near the music shop, and north of the domed synagogue. You can reach the spot by exiting the music shop on the second floor and crossing the outpost bridge, or squeezing through a nearby gate.

Artifact - Street Drawing

Head to the left of the tent (across from the music store) and open the drawer in the small outpost bridge over the street for a sketch.

Journal - Street View

After picking up the sketch, look out at the view to add a sketch of Shimmer as a journal entry.

Artifact - WLF Safe House Supply Note

At the corner of 5th and Spring St, north of the Courthouse, you can find a small place called Ruston Coffee that has breakable windows. Enter through the windows after breaking them out to find several supplies, including scrap, ammo, and a supply note.

Trading Card - Big Blue

Also located inside Ruston Coffee, check in the drawers below the coffee machine in the back of the front room to find a trading card.

Artifact - WLF Community Supply Chest Note

Just to the south of the Courthouse, and a bit east of Gate West 2, look for some stairs across from a US Flag between 5th and 6th avenue leading up to a building, and along the walkway you’ll find some containers and a bag with a note inside.

Artifact - Join WLF Note

This piece of literature is located inside Barkos Pet Shop (which has been converted into a WLF safehouse). To enter, you’ll need to find a key, which is located in the bathroom at Ruston Coffee (at the corner of 5th and Spring). The key has the address of the shop (in a back alley at 6th an Marion), and inside you can find a printer with stacks of propaganda you can check out - as well as plenty of supplies and a stun bomb.

Upgrade - Long Gun Holster

Also located inside Barkos Pet Shop is a gun holster - but you’ll need to claim the key from Ruston Coffee’s bathroom.

Trading Card / Safe - Flo

Locate the Gate West 2 below the Courthouse at Madison and 5th, and squeeze through the open gate to find a safe with the note “use Gate Code” consult your notes to find the list of codes and enter 04, 51. The safe will contain a ton of scrap, supplements, ammo, health, and a trading card.

Eastbrook Elementary Collectibles

Artifact - Leah’s Photograph and Artifact - Leah’s Note

During the opening scene, you automatically pick up 2 Artifacts: Leah’s Photograph and Leah’s note.

Artifact - Isaac’s Mandate

After making your way to the roof, head through the door leading to a supplies-filled hallway. Check out the shelves on your left and down the right hall full of useful items and supplements. Pick up the artifact on the blue table: Isaac’s Mandate.

Trading Card - Cardio

After back up arrives at the elementary school, it’s time to leave. Do a running jump to the apartment across from the rooftop. Open the nightstand drawer by the bed, in the leafy bedroom, for another trading card. Be sure to grab the scraps in the adjacent closet too!

Capitol Hill Collectibles

Artifact - Chevy’s Apology
Head to the pool in the apartment complex area, just below the school you left. Look for a streak of blood on the ground outside the pool and follow it to apartment #6. Go upstairs and check the bedroom down the hall. On the bed, you’ll find a note. Keep in mind there are two bedrooms upstairs.

Short Gun Holster Location

In the same room, you’ll find a short gun holster on the desk.

Trading Card - Kinnard, E.SQ

Enter Apartment #3 (in the area near the pool). On the left of the sofa is a side table with a trading card inside - Kinnard, E.SQ

Trading Card - Rockefeller

Located at the Capitol Inn Motel, Room 3 is locked from the outside, but you can head into the alley on the left to find an open window into the motel room, and if you look near the door, the trading card has fallen out of a tipped over trash can

Artifact - Raul’s Olive Branch

Next to the Capitol Inn Motel, you can find a large green moveable dumpster to the right. Move it around the curb and place it in front of a balcony of a nearby apartment to climb up and search the interior. Inside the apartment, you can find useful items (including supplements in the bathroom and scrap in the laundry room) and an artifact in the drawer to the left of the fridge called Raul’s Olive Branch. .

Trap Mine Recipe Location

In the same apartment, go to the bedroom and find a Trap Mine to unlock the Trap Mine Recipe.

Workbench Location

You can find a workbench in the Gas Station off to the far left. Loot the area for other supplies as well.

The next set of collectibles (including a training manual) is in the bookstore! Watch out for clicker and runner behind the door.

Trading Card - Doctor Stem

In the bookstore, open the door leading into a small hallway (and the bathrooms). Turn left and approach the record player between two comfy chairs.

Training Manual Stealth

In the other room in the bookstore (the coffee house section), check the table with the type writer on it for another training manual to unlock a new skill line.

Artifact - Rebecca’s Tip Off

In the same room as the training manual, approach the sink by the coffee machines. There, you’ll find another artifact in the form of a note.

Trading Card - Sergeant Frost

Visit the Olive Street Market grocery store. You can begin your attack from above, using molotov cocktails and far off shots to take out most of the infected. Once inside, check the lockers in the back. There, you’ll find a trading card. Be sure to loot the store for supplies including some supplements by the checkout registers.

Trading Card - Candelabra

Check the convenience store where the first infected is killed from a tripwire, and before tripwire that separates you from a batch of Runners. In the back, under the society of champions poster (advertising the trading cards), you’ll find your next card.

Return to the main path. Let the runners spot you because at least one of them will set off the tripwire ahead.

Artifact - Tower Doodles

After first encountering the tripwire, which gets triggered by a Runner. Move forward and take the opening on the right, labeled as restricted access (military personnel only). Take the ladder to check out the lookout post for a drawing made by a bored WLF member. Be sure to pick up scraps and other items while you’re up there.

Artifact - Raul’s Account

After you enter the broken spot of land leading past a river, move up the path until you spot a mural that depicts “Feel her love” and then turn around to see a truck with its back open - and inside you’ll find supplies and a note.

Trading Card - Blizzarebra

Enter the thrift store and walk forward a bit. On your left you’ll see bookshelves. On the children’s bookshelf (back left by the white lamp), you’ll find another trading card.

Artifact - Thrift Store Reminder

While still in the thrift store, go through the door ahead. You’ll be in a room of vending machines. Turn to the right and you’ll see an artifact pinned to the corkboard. It gives you a partial code for the safe.

Safe - Thrift Store

The safe is located in the backroom of the thrift store. Part of the code is written in the Artifact - Thrift Store Reminder collectible. To get the entire code read the graffiti on the left of the bathroom sink (room closest to the vending machine). Safe Combination 55-01-33

Artifact - Frank’s Refusal

Take the hallway to the left of the trophy case (in the martial arts dojo) and you’ll see a corkboard with an artifact on it. (Fran’s Refusal).

Workbench Location - Gym

In the back of the decrepit building with the martial arts dojo (in the area covered in tripwire), you can find a room with a workbench.

Channel 13 Collectibles

Trading Card - Kimimela

After seeing the handiwork of a mysterious rival group, head up the stairs from the main news desk recording area, go up the stairs and out onto the balcony. Sidle across the windows to re-enter the facility until you find a dead body holding a shotgun. Continue straight past the body that was holding the shotgun and pick up the trading card on the desk ahead. Once you’ve picked it up, continue through the doors and up the stairs.

Artifact - Dad’s Pep Talk

When you get to the top of the stairs from the dead body with the shotgun, check out the office on the far left. It has an artifact on the long sofa with a sleeping bag called Dad’s Pep Talk

The Tunnels Collectibles

Artifact - Subway Note

After escaping from the red room full of WLF Soldiers and Clickers and move into the next train car, go all the way to the dead end and look to the left to find a note left for Jules taped next to the window.

Trading Card - The Imp

In the long train car tunnel between the two red rooms, look for a destroyed train car at the far end of the tunnel, and then search along the bottom of the car to find a trading card among the debris.

Workbench Location

After defeating the WLF members and clickers in the glowing red tunnel, you’ll continue by moving through a few train cars. Next, climb the ladder and there’s a workbench in the room to the right with some loot as well. Note: this is right before using the rope to swing to the ladder across from you.

Journal Entry - Dead Shambler Body

After killing your first Shamblers, Interact with the dead shambler body to get another journal entry.

Trading Card - Dr. Daniela Star

After you kill your first Shamblers and head through a temporarily lifted gate, head down the tunnel, and look to your right for a storage room, connected to a lounge. Part of the storage area is locked, but you can crawl under some office desks on the right side of the room to find a small hole in the storage cage letting you enter inside. Next to the storage door that you can unlock from the inside is a desk, and there’s a trading card on that desk.

Artifact - Whittled Statue

As you move from the large storage room to the lounge through the nearby door, look to the nearby corner of the room opposite some vending machines to find a microwave next to a door, and this whittled statue artifact will be located right next to the microwave.

Artifact - Locker Room Note

Next to the large storage room after you encounter your first Shamblers is a connected lounge. When you arrive in the room with vending machines walk past the coffee machine to the break area (two tables and some chairs). There’s an artifact note on the table with hints for the code to the locker room.

Artifact - Soda Can Note

After you find the torn note in the break room, look to the left for a vending machine with a single can of soda. Break the glass of the vending machine on the left to get the soda can with a partial code 1-5-2-?-? For the locked door in the room. Guess the last two digits (it’s narrowed down for you) and loot the locker room for supplements and crafting materials. The correct code is 15243.

Trading Card - Bastet

Once you are in the subway station full of crashed train cars, move through the first car until you come to an area where you need to climb up on a red soda machine to get higher. Just to the left of this overturned soda machine, go prone and crawl left through the mud into train car - you should see a health kit on the other side. Once you can stand, look inside the car to find ammo and a trading card in an old suitcase.

Artifact - Subway Station Note

After leaving the tunnels and entering the subway station full of crashed train cars, make your way through until you climb up an overturned red soda machine onto the overturned train cars, and enter a car higher in the air. Look to the right as you enter for another note to “Jules” taped to the window on a closed door.

The Theater Collectibles

Artifact - Program for Cassandra

After leaving Dina, head to the far end of the main floor lobby and look past some bathrooms and a mannequin. Check out the crate to the left of the mannequin for an artifact in the form of a program.

Trading Card - Mortem

Next to the bathrooms on the main floor lobby is an empty concession stand area. Hop over the counter and start breaking the large class cabinets against the back wall, and look at the bottom of the one on the right to find a trading card tucked along the bottom.

Artifact - Lone FEDRA Solider Journal #1

Go upstairs from the main lobby, and head out onto a balcony overlooking the lobby below. To the left near the balcony is a makeshift tent and table with an artifact: Lone FEDRA Soldier Journal #1.

Trading Card - Beyond

2nd floor: Walk past the movie posters and right, to the end of the hall. Check the sofa, overturned sofa, and stack of boxes and you’ll see a trading card underneath.

Artifact - Lone FEDRA Soldier Journal #2

After turning on the generator, go to the projector room. Approach the table and pick up the document on top of the radio.

Artifact - The Sick Habit Flyer / Set List

In the main theater, walk to the right of the stage. Pick up the artifact on the supply trunks: The Sick Habit Flyer / Set List.

The Birthday Gift Collectibles

Journal Entry - Entrance

Interact with the museum sign to get another journal entry.

Trading Card - The Nighthawk

In the second dinosaur exhibit area, move past the brachiosaurus and triceratops towards the dimetrodon in the corner, and look for an alcove leading to some restrooms. The trading card can be found on the bench outside.

Journal Entry - Bench Upstairs

Upon reaching the lunar exhibit, move through the hall to the two half-circle benches to sketch the area.

Trading Card - Saura

Leave the lunar exhibit by the way of a nearby door and cross the water to the bear statue. Have Joel boost you through the window, and then continue forward to the moose surrounded by wolves - look under a bench on the right for a trading card.

Artifact - Suicide Note

Move through the darkened animal exhibit and pass the ominous messages on the wall until you reach a broken down section, and spot a body holding a suicide note.

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