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The Last of Us 2 Collectibles Guide Chapter 2: Seattle Day 1 - The Gate

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Aug 25, 2020
This portion of The Last of Us Part Two guide includes all collectible locations in Chapter 2: Seattle Day 1 - The Gate. This includes all Artifacts, Trading Cards, and Journal Entries. Remember that you can revisit any chapter section to replay an area and collect missing items by returning to the main menu and selecting a chapter once you have completed it.
The Gate Collectibles Overview

View the sections below to locate a collectible in the order they are found.
  • Artifacts: 6
  • Trading Cards: 4
  • Journal Entries: 2
Trading Card - Motivator

The Last of Us™ Part II_20200605150435

Soon after the chapter starts, Dina and Ellie will come across a few cars in a clearing with an overgrown bus stop. Get off your horse and inspect the side of the bus stop to find a panel where the trading card is stashed.

Trading Card - The Starfire Kids

The Last of Us™ Part II_20200605160124

Upon reaching the overgrown freeway, head towards Seattle and pass under a bridge, and then look on the left side of the road for a small construction site trailer. Enter inside to find a trading card on a corkboard in the first room.

Artifact - Map of Seattle

The Last of Us™ Part II_20200605163339

In the same construction site trailer on the left side of the freeway, look in the second room for a desk drawer by a broken window to find a map of Seattle inside the drawer.

Journal Entry - WLF Gate

The Last of Us™ Part II_20200605164229

When Dina and Ellie finally reach the large sealed gate into Seattle, inspect the giant message written by the WLF at the front gate to jot it down in Ellie’s journal.

Artifact - Refugee Note

The Last of Us™ Part II_20200605164933

At the abandoned FEDRA military checkpoint at the entrance to Seattle, look for the nearest large military trailer next to the road and head inside to find a note from a refugee left on one of the desks.

Artifact - Infected Infographic

The Last of Us™ Part II_20200605165324

Also at the abandoned FEDRA military checkpoint, look for the other military trailer near the back wall, and enter inside to find a note with photos of various stages of infection on a table in the trailer.

Trading Card - Chessmaster

The Last of Us™ Part II_20200605210628

After climbing over the FEDRA Gate’s broken wall, move along the catwalk but don’t go down the stairs at the far end. Instead, look up above when entering the tower to find a ladder leading up into a watchtower. In here you’ll find supplies and the trading card on a desk.

Artifact - Isaac’s Orders

The Last of Us™ Part II_20200605211617

Also located in the watchtower above the gate, look on the right side next to the ladder for a note left on a green crate.

Artifact - Checkpoint Gate Codes

The Last of Us™ Part II_20200605170429

After dropping down on the other side of the main FEDRA gate, enter the nearest military trailer by breaking the glass, and then look into the drawers on the desk where you entered to find a series of codes with a note on the back.

Trading Card - Oozer

The Last of Us™ Part II_20200605214722

In the military zone on the other side of the front gate, break through the military trailer on the left to reach a generator on the other side. After you use the power line from the generator to open up the nearby electric gate, unplug the cord and throw it over the roof of the trailer so that it drapes down on the opposite side, and use it to rappel up to the roof. Up here you’ll find supplies including medicine, alcohol, ammo, and a trading card under some scrap.

Artifact - Rooftop Note

The Last of Us™ Part II_20200605214700

Located on the same trailer roof as the trading card, inspect the supplies on the lawn chair to find a note stashed among the other items here.

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