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Xbox PlayStation Nintendo PC Streets of Rage 4 Releasing April 23, As Per Switch eShop Listing

  • Staff

Streets of Rage – the face of the beat ’em up genre – comes back from a long hiatus later this year with Streets of Rage 4, a game that has looked exactly like the kind of revival series fans have been hoping for in all that we’ve seen of it. While it’s been confirmed for a 2020 launch for a while now, an exact release date of the title hasn’t been announced, but it seems that may now have been outed.

As spotted over on ResetEra, a listing for the game on the Australian Nintendo Switch eShop mentions a launch date of April 23, just a couple weeks from now. It also mentions other gameplay details, such as a dozen former series character being included as unlockables and also being playable in their original pixelated art, 12 unique stages, and classic music included from previous titles. The game’s file size is mentioned as 3.1 GB.

Of course, given that neither the developers nor the publisher have made an official announcement regarding this just yet, this premature reveal shouldn’t be taken as official information for now- but it only seems like a matter of time before it’s made official.

Streets of Rage 4, when it does come out, will launch for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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