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Sony CEO: 'We Will Soon Be Announcing a Strong Lineup of PS5 Games'

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Aug 25, 2020
Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida has said the company will be announcing a lineup of games for PlayStation 5 'soon'. Speaking as part of a statement about corporate strategy for Sony, Yoshida (according to Bloomberg's Takashi Mochizuki) said: "we will soon be announcing a strong lineup of PS5 games." Much has been made of Sony's relative silence on PS5 - and particularly its games - in recent weeks, especially when compared to Xbox's somewhat more open approach to revealing its own Series X console. There has been speculation about a PS5 event taking place in June, and some have taken this statement to support that, although Sony has made no further comment.
As part of the corporate strategy report, Sony also outlined the future of its Game and Network Services department. "The launch of PlayStation®5, scheduled for the holiday season of this calendar year," reads a statement, "will deliver even more immersive experiences on a game console. Higher speed, enhanced sensory perceptions generated by its revolutionary controller, and sound delivered in 3D audio will combine to realize truly next generation console game experiences unlike anything before." As part of the statement, Sony also announced that Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO and President Jim Ryan is now also now a Senior Executive Vice President of Sony Corp as a whole. Until we're shown some PS5 games, we always have the recent Unreal Engine 5 demo, which shows us how they could look. Sony recently made clear that PS5 hardware was on track, and that there were "no major issues" with software development for the console.

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