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Xbox PlayStation PC Some of the reveals initially planned for E3 2020 will now take place much earlier – report

  • Staff
The cancellation of E3 this year has reportedly lead to publishers and platform holders spreading out their reveals over the next few months.

According to Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad, some of the planned reveals for PS5 and Xbox Series X, as well as next-gen games, have been rescheduled in the wake of E3 2020 getting cancelled.

Though Ahmad didn’t share specifics, he suggested that we should expect some of these reveals to take place “much earlier” than E3, and others “much later.” With that said, Ahmad was keen to point out that the coronavirus pandemic continues to make things difficult for publishers, and may force more last-minute changes to these plans.

Separately, VGC is reporting that Sony was planning to fully reveal PS5 next month at an event, but it’s not clear if these plans also haven’t changed. Microsoft, too, has seemingly been planning a May event for Xbox Series X.

It’s clear that plans are still in flux, so things really could go any one of several ways.

For instance, IGN’s recently announced summer event already has a number of publishers signed on, so participants may be saving their announcements for that event. That said, those companies do not typically host their own events, so the bigger players may still do that.