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Xbox Sea of Thieves will be optimized for Xbox Series X/S

  • Staff
Sea of Thieves will be optimized for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S which means you can expect some performance improvements.

The first thing you’ll notice with Seas of Thieves on Xbox Series X/S is 60 frames per second in full 4K definition on the Xbox Series X, and 60fps in 1080p on the Xbox Series S.

You can also expect improvements thanks to greater processing power which will lead to reduced load times, helping you get into or back in the action in a quicker manner.

This optimized version of Sea of Thieves will be available to all players with Xbox Game Pass alongside the launch of both consoles, and via Smart Delivery for existing owners.

The latest update to the game, Fate of the Damned, is available now and free for all players. In the update, skeletal Shadows of Fate are roaming the seas, and intrepid pirates must seek out Flames to fight back against this threat which will change week by week.