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Xbox Sea of Thieves – Ships of Fortune Update Out on April 22nd

  • Staff

Rare’s Sea of Thieves will see its Ships of Fortune update landing later this month. As revealed on Inside Xbox, it will expand on the different Trading Companies in-game, allowing players to become Emissaries. A new company is coming though and its sole purpose is to harvest the others. Check out the trailer below.

Becoming an Emissary involves visiting a Trading Company’s table and making donations. There are five Grades to progress through and you can earn additional rewards and cosmetics in the process. However, beware the Reaper’s Bones though – Emissaries of this company effectively hunt the others and take their flags and loot. You’ll find them in The Reaper’s Hideout.

Other changes coming in this update include Arena Mode with treasure maps being replaced by a chest marked by a Sea Dog Beacon. Matches will also be 15 minutes long to allow for more action. If that weren’t enough, the update will also add cats as pets, namely the Wildcat, Ragamuffin and Mau which can be customized with their own cosmetics. Ships of Fortune is out on April 22nd – stay tuned for more updates en route to release.