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Rumor: Elden Ring Has 'Huge' DLC on the Way


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Mar 16, 2022
An insider claims that From Software's Elden Ring is poised to have a large DLC come out. Despite the apparent demand for Elden Ring DLC, From Software has remained quiet since the game's launch in 2022.
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Although it has not received any paid DLC, Elden Ring has had new content added via updates that have dropped free of charge. These have ranged from a proper PvP mode and quests to new cosmetics and balance changes. While the updates have kept the game healthy and attracting new and returning players, the big question hanging over much of the community is if or when the game will receive a paid expansion that adds a significant amount of new content.

Reddit user ApprehensiveTop8927 is among the latest to add to the discussion, as they posted a link to a screenshot from a leaked conversation with streamer Lance McDonald. He claims that Elden Ring will have an expansion and that he knows a lot about what is being included, but does not provide any estimates as to when it will happen. Beyond that, McDonald states that he does not know about any of the new gameplay mechanics, but does allege that there will be a "really big" area added. The strongest piece of evidence that corroborates this claim is the information that was datamined from one of Elden Ring's updates, and since the Colosseum map files found turned out to be true in the form of the game's eventual PvP mode, it could potentially still be seen as a valid source for any future updates.

Responses to the claim have been unsurprised, with the top comment referencing the datamining, others speculating what the DLC could entail, and one user stating that it was guaranteed due to a comment from game director Hidetaki Miyazaki. Since both the datamining and the claim are as vague as they are, any idea that fans do come up with is pure speculation at the moment.

If Elden Ring were to have a large expansion pack, the release would need to be timed to not interfere with the release of Armored Core 6. Since it is slated to release this year and has a presentation at the Taiwan Game Show which will last a full hour, Armored Core 6 is currently FromSoftware's main focus. Because no official announcement has been made yet regarding an expansion, the idea of it being true at all is still up for debate.


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