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RTTF Trading Guide For FIFA 23: Players You Should Buy


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Mar 16, 2022
FIFA Ultimate Team has always been pay-to-win. But with our trading guide, you don't have to spend real money to make lots of coins. Here are our trading tips for the Road to the Final Promo in FIFA 23. We show you which players you should buy.
The Champions League is back, and so are the Road to the Final cards in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. The perfect opportunity for you to get hold of some coins. You can find out exactly how the whole thing works and what you should pay attention to here in our RTTF Trading Guide.
But one thing has to be said first. Trading always involves risk and the tricks and tips we share here are not 100% guaranteed. The FIFA transfer market is mostly predictable, but not always. Especially not when EA messes up again.
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RTTF Trading Guide In FIFA 23
The RTTF cards are dynamic special cards, Players get an upgrade to their standard stats at release and can then increase further.
The upgrades are awarded according to the results of the teams in real life. So it makes sense to trade with these: the further they get in their competition, the better and more expensive their card will be.

Things You Should Know
The most important thing about dynamic cards trading is timing. It is important to know when to buy and when to sell. We recommend that you now buy the players before the upcoming Champions and Euro League games. Of course there is a high risk here, but only those who take risks can also win big.
Now, of course, you want to know when is the best time to sell your players. There are several options here. Obviously, when the card has gone up, and you'll make a profit, go for it. But keep in mind that EA will charge 5% from you when you sell!

The Best RTTF Players To Trade With
One of the most important things when trading RTTF cards is to keep an eye on the cards and games. It is best to make sure that you switch on notifications for the games of your investments, and also pay attention to the prices of the cards on futbin. The timing of buying and selling a player determines whether your trade will be successful. So always keep your eyes open. It can be really frustrating when you realize too late that you should have already sold your player.
Giacomo Raspadori
Raspordi was able to win the first game against Eintracht Frankfurt with Napoli 2-0. He already got his victory upgrade from 86 to 88 and looks really good. The card has 4 Stars Skills and 5 Stars Weak Foot. Moving in to the next round is almost certain and would give the card another +1 upgrade.
Nicolò Barella
And the next italian player. Inter Milan is the clear favorite against FC Porto. Inter Milan already won the first game with 1:0 and Barella secured his first upgrade. Barella looks like another good investment. Just by getting to the next round, we will see his card go up. The card has nice stats anyway and a lot of potential.
Gabriel Martinelli
Let's have a look at the Euro League. Gabriel Martinelli and Arsenal FC are among the title favorites here and do not have to compete in the intermediate round. It looks like some upgrades for Martinelli will be certain. This is already the reason for the high price.
Wesley Fofana
Wesley Fofana and Chelsea FC have made it into the quarter-finals. And in doing so, Fofana's OVR goes from an 87 to an 89. We recommend you buy Fofana after the upgrade.
And with this upgrade, his card is appearing on the market more often than usual, so supply exceeds demand and his price goes down.