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Rocket League x Nike: New Event Series Explained and CR7 Items


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Mar 16, 2022
Rocket League and Nike don't actually have that much in common, but they are still working together thanks to the World Cup in Qatar. Nike FC Cup celebrates the beautiful sport of football – you can even represent your country, earn points and unlock some brand-new items. Or just grab the bundles from the item shop.
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The RLCS World Championship may have been over for some time, but now another World Cup is being celebrated – this time, we forget about cars and only focus on football. Together with Nike, Psyonix has come up with a lot of new content that will make the next few weeks until the new season begins more bearable.
You can look forward to a pretty large “tournament” with prizes, awesome bundles in the item shop and even a new game mode that completely turns the rules of Rocket League Arena upside down!

Nike FC Cup In Rocket League: Rewards And How To Play
The Nike FC Cup is actually like the World Cup in Qatar... only in Rocket League and you can participate, too. If you want to represent your own country, you need to register on the official Fan Clash website.
Once you've done step 1, it is a matter of grinding a lot of Rocket League and earning points. Not only do victories count, but also all saves, goals or assists you'll make along the way. If you've played really well in the Nike FC Cup and managed to finish on a decent rank, some sweet rewards are waiting for you. The better your place on the leaderboard, the more rewards you get:

Player Title "Nike FC Cup MVP"
Goal Explosion"Nike FC 2022"
1 Import Drop
Goal Explosion"Nike FC 2022"
1 Import Drop
1 Import Drop
1 very rare Drop
2 very rare Drops
1 very rare Drop
1 rare Drop
2 rare Drops
1 rare Drop