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Rocket League Update Patch Notes and Confirmed Changes


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Mar 16, 2022
As it currently stands, the latest Rocket League Patch notes have always introduced new content for players to enjoy, alongside any fixes and patches that the devs see as important. We can expect to see new arenas, radio playlists, challenges, and tons more as a new patch rolls out, and this one is no different.
The current patch for the game (2.28) also introduced Season 11 into the fold as well, and as such, the amount of content you can expect to see added to the game is plentiful, to say the least. So without further delay, let's jump into the nitty gritty and check out the current patch notes for Rocket League.
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Fixed cosmetic bugs:
Hakkaa Decal for Octane (color adjustment)
Huntress Decal (brightness and gloss fixes)
Painted X-Devil and Takumi RX-T Car Bodies (trim appearance when using certain Decals
Hanasha JRL: Multichrome Wheels (fixed appearance while in motion)
Performed an optimization pass on Sovereign Heights and Deadeye Canyon (Oasis)
Fixed an issue for PS4/Xbox where the game would freeze at the opening splash-screen for some players
Fixed an issue where some players will load the game to a blank UI with no main menu screen
Fixed a bug where a player may rarely become stuck in spectator mode
[Xbox] Fixed a bug where hitting the select button to type causes the game to soft lock
Fixed a bug preventing the Palm Tree Topper from appearing in player inventories

Rocket League Season 11 Patch Notes:

Season 11 Rocket Pass, featuring the Nissan Silvia, has begun
The new Arena ‘Estadio Vida’ is live in Online Playlists, Private Matches, Exhibition Matches, and Free Play
Season 10 Rewards are dropping for all eligible players

Season 11 Rocket Pass, featuring the Nissan Silvia, has begun!
The Nissan Silvia uses the Hybrid hitbox
Season 11 Tournaments are now available
Any unspent Season 10 Tournament Credits automatically convert into rewards
Tournament Credits convert to the highest level reward you are capable of earning based on your Tournament Rank and the amount of Tournament Credits you have remaining
Every player who played in at least one tournament this season will receive one All-Star Cup
New Tournament Reward items have been added
Season 11 Stage 1 Challenges are live
Season 11 Competitive has started
Similar to previous seasons, a soft reset has been applied to all Competitive Playlists
The season reset formula has been updated to mitigate rank drift across all playlists


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