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Rocket League Ranks Explained: Breaking Down Tiers Divisions and More


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Mar 16, 2022
Rocket League is all about complicated car-football fun. Ranked play, and ranks in general, are extremely important in Psyonix's game--just like MMR. It's not just about getting you from unranked to those upper tiers, but also about understanding the effect that this system has on the game itself.
That's the thing about Rocket League ranks--they are essential to make the game challenging, fair and interesting, but they are not really the game's make-or-break system. All of this being said, we're going to take you through everything there is to know about Rocket League ranks.
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Rocket League Ranks Explained
The Rocket League ranks system relates to gameplay made in the game's ranked/competitive mode. Here, players progress their way through the ranks after completing a placement round of ten matches that will place them in a starting rank. Each of RL's three most popular queues features a ranking system:
1v1 playlist
2v2 playlist
3v3 playlist
It doesn't matter whether you're playing solo or with your friends: there are a total of 23 different tiers for you to climb. After completing the initial placement rounds, you will start your journey pretty far down and have to climb your way to the highest Rocket League rank--Supersonic Legend. To place here, you need to have exceptional talent at Rocket League, and be a super devoted player and fan.
Rocket League pros are often not even ranked this high, as they do not necessarily focus on climbing the ladder.

The Influence Of MMR And Ranked Disparity
To combat smurfing and creating a fun and fair ranking atmosphere for everybody, Psyonix introduced Ranked Disparity a while ago. Basically, it's a system to balance Competitive Play--players need to be within a certain amount of ranks of one-another to queue up ranked. That's actually it... quite simple, right? However, if you want to dive deeper into RL's ranked disparity, we've got a dedicated article about it.
MMR on the other hand stands for matchmaking rank and is one of the most important numerals in Rocket League. It determines the opponents that you will face off against in multiplayer--matches are played against players who are of a similar standing to you, with a combination of MMR and general ranked progression aiding you in your progress. Your MMR and rank may seem quite similar, yet so different... and that's kinda true.

Rocket League Ranked Rewards Or Why You Should Rank Up
Ranking up in Rocket League is relatively easy if you have the time to devote to it, as it just requires a ton of practice and a ton of victories. It's up to you if that seems worth it, but keep in mind that ranked or competitive rewards await you at the end of each season. What you'll get depends on what rank you achieved in one of Rocket League's three main modes.
That's also the main difference compared to the Rocket Pass rewards, as you can also get some XP by losing your matches. In order to get the competitive rewards, though, you MUST win. A lot.


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