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Xbox PlayStation Remedy delays PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of Control

  • Staff
Finnish games studio Remedy has pushed back the release of Control Ultimate Edition for next-gen consoles.

The developer posted the news on Twitter, saying that it needed more time to finish the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series/S version of Control Ultimate Edition.

The game was set to come out at the end of 2020, but will now be coming out in early 2021.

“We want the final quality of the game to be awesome, and so we need a bit more time to work on it,” Remedy wrote.

“Thank you for your understanding and patience!”

Control was announced for the next-gen consoles in June of this year at the PlayStation 5 showcase. The game originally was released in August 2019. In our review, we said that it was developer Remedy on top form with its trippy shooter.

On launch, the game was exclusive to the Epic Games Store on PC but came to Steam one year after its release with the Ultimate Edition.

Remedy CEO Tero Virtala said that the game was developed in just three years with a budget of only €30 million – that sounds like a lot, but for a triple-A title like Control, it’s pretty low.

The Xbox Series X and Series S are launching on November 10, while PlayStation 5 is rolling out on November 12 or 19 depending on where in the world you live.