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Xbox PlayStation PC Red Dead Online Adds Bonus Rewards For Free Roam Events And Limited-Time Apparel Returns

  • Staff
This week, Red Dead Online is giving players big rewards for Free Roam Events, a free Ability Card, and discounts on various in-game items, with some limited-time clothing returning to the game.

Free Roam Events in Red Dead Online this week will reward players with 50% more XP, RDO$, and Gold. This includes activities such as Fool’s Gold, Fishing Challenges, King of the Castle, and Railroad Baron. Players who complete any Free Roam Event before April 20 will earn a coupon for 50% off any coat that is rank 15 or lower.

Players will be rewarded just for logging on this week, with any player who logs on between April 17 to April 20 getting a free Ability Card to augment their skills. This reward will appear in the Benefits section within 48 hours of playing Red Dead Online.

This week, the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. catalogue is offering discounts on range of in-game items, along with selling previous limited-time only apparel in store. Up until April 27, players can find the following limited-time apparel items in the catalogue:
  • Plaid Cap
  • Folwell Hat
  • Gardenia Hat
  • Macbay Jacket
  • Clymene Coat
  • Cardozo Vest
  • Carver Pants
  • Griffith Chaps
  • Pelt Half Chaps
The catalogue is also offering big discounts on weapons and horses, with 30% off on all Shotguns, Bandoliers, and Multi Horses (including Role horses). Melee weapons will be available for 50% off as well. Players can also purchase emotes at 70% off, and 80% off on all Ability Cards.

A portion of all online purchases this month and all of May will be going towards COVID-19 relief thanks to Rockstar and Take-Two. This includes purchases made in Red Dead Online and GTA Online.

Red Dead Online is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC for those who own Red Dead Redemption 2. A current PlayStation Plus subscription or an Xbox Gold subscription is needed to play online on PS4 or Xbox One.