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PUBG MOBILE 2.9 Update: New Locations and Winter-themed Events


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Mar 16, 2022
PUBG MOBILE is doing all the favors here by keeping gamers worldwide warm with this fiery update! Firstly, players can engage in their beloved Battle Royale games in Snowy Village, a brand-new winter-themed location that has a lot of new items and terrains to be used at your strategic disposal. Players need to navigate their way through the wintry map in order to find and eliminate their enemies. A host of UI adjustments to reflect the winter holiday season are also in order. Lastly, the World of Wonders is also going to be seeing some massive additions when it comes to rewards and enhancements, particularly a new winter-themed template.
Metro Royale Chapter 17 is also getting some updates to reflect the holiday spirit. PUBG MOBILE enthusiasts will definitely find it admiring that the new changes are going to be increasing the difficulty a tad bit more, insinuating a new challenge in the wake. Snowrails, snowboards, and a 2-story Ice sculpture plaza are just some of the highlights that are scheduled to be added with the update.
Talking about new weapons, how about shooting some good ol’ snowballs at your enemies through the Snowball Blasters? These beauties will be placed at different locations all around the map. When fired at your enemies, watch them magically turn into icy sculptures themselves. Oh, and they can also be aimed at water bodies to turn them into icy sculptures as well. Did we mention their usage as a defensive mechanic by layering snowballs in front of you? Well, they do!
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Winter-Y Improvements are COMING!
There are other snowmen in Snowy Village as well, such as the Lucky Snowman, who is accompanied by three Snow Toddlers who are hidden. When a player finds a Snow Toddler, it becomes a loyal friend and can be given back to the Lucky Snowman. It functions similarly to a pet. Upon finishing this mission, players will receive a valuable crate. In addition, the Lucky Ice game, where players must determine the best way to break through the icy exterior in order to retrieve the hidden prize, now has even more alluring rewards thanks to the Version 2.9 update.
A brand-new Frost Festival themed around winter will also be inaugurated soon, adding the Reindeer as a mode of transport for players who would love to enjoy the old-school Christmas vibes. Trees laden with gifts and stockings are going to be the standard when you play on the new map.