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PUBG Introduces Anti-Cheat Changes to Ranked


Wise Member
Mar 16, 2022
Earlier today, PUBG Battleground developers discussed the changes made with Patch 26.2 to combat in-game cheating. The enhancements to the new authentication system are scheduled to be implemented on November 15.
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Cheating So Far
Since 2021, players have been required to confirm their mobile numbers to join Ranked, preventing the reuse of numbers and stopping permanently banned players from creating new accounts. However, this didn't prevent some game fans from exploiting proxy authentication techniques, something PUBG's system couldn't counter.

The new and improved system will introduce ARS authentication and re-authentication with the same number. These changes will apply selectively in situations that raise suspicion.

What to Do If You Didn't Receive a Code?
The first step is to check if you've entered your phone number correctly. If it's correct, this means you were caught cheating, and you won't be receiving a code.

Community Reactions
As anticipated, PUBG: Battleground fans are pleased with the recent changes. Some are questioning whether these anti-cheating measures should be extended to the entirety of the game, not just Ranked. A fan even expresses their willingness to return to Ranked with these new measures in place.