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PlayStation PS5 will let you stream to YouTube and Twitch directly from the console on day one

  • Staff
The PS5 will launch with good selection of media apps.

Sony has confirmed all the media apps and video streaming services PS5 owners will be able to use on day one. The platform holder is selling a media remote, of course, with dedicated buttons for a number of them already on it.

At launch, everyone will have access to Netflix, Disney+, Spotify, and Apple TV (also coming to PS4 soon). Twitch, and YouTube will, of course, both be there as well, and they both support streaming directly from the console as well as traditional viewing. Details on framerate and resolution caps for streaming weren’t provided.

Down the line, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Peacock, MyCanal and others will arrive, though Sony didn’t offer a specific date there. As revealed in the recent first look at PS5 user interface, media will have a dedicated space away from games on the homepage, which you can easily get to at any point.

Curiously, Sony says you won’t even have to download these apps from the PlayStation Store, they’re all going to be immediately available under the Media tab. It’ll be interesting to see if app install files are simply bundled with the OS/future firmware updates.

Those who listen to a lot of Spotify on their consoles will also be happy to know that that the music control center has been revamped to make it easier to pause, skip and switch between channels.