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PlayStation PS5 Has 667GB of Usable Storage Space on Its SSD

  • Staff
It's official: The PS5 comes with approximately 667GB of usable storage space on its custom SSD, as noted in our massively in-depth PS5 Review. The SSD's total size is 825GB, but a sizable chunk of that is reserved for the console's operating system.

The bottom line is that this is a very limited amount of storage space. It's highly likely that those of you who play a lot of different games will be deleting, downloading, and reinstalling your favourite titles on a relatively frequent basis so that you don't run out of room.

To make matters worse, you will not be able to add a second SSD to your PS5 at launch. This functionality will be added later down the line.

However, you will be able to hook up an external hard drive to your PS5 right away. You won't be able to store PS5 games on an external hard drive, but you can use it to store PS4 titles for use via backwards compatibility. PS4 games stored on a hard drive won't fully benefit from the PS5's SSD, but they will still run better than ever thanks to the PS5's improved hardware and Game Boost.



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