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PlayStation PlayStation Plus subscribers get this cool skin pack in Warzone

  • Staff

Just like the two previous seasons, Modern Warfare/Warzone’s third season also brings a neat bonus for PlayStation Plus members.

A free pack is now available for PlayStation Plus subscribers who play Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare. The Combat Pack (Season Three) includes a few cosmetic items for use in multiplayer and Warzone.

This season’s pack seems very elaborate, and comes with a unique character skin for Wyatt (The Woodsman), a K98 sniper rifle blueprint (Open Season), a pistol blueprint, a tactical knife, a weapon charm, an animated calling card, a spray and 60 minutes of double weapon XP. Here’s a look at the operator skin and the sniper rifle.

PlayStation Plus is not required to play Warzone, of course, seeing as the mode is free-to-play. But, if you do have Plus, you can grab the pack from the PlayStation Store. In other Warzone news, the official site briefly confirmed Duos are coming this season.


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