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Stadia Play Stadia Pro free for two months starting today

  • Staff

You can play Statida Pro for free from today for the next two months in 14 countries.

Google has announced its made its Stadia Pro subscription service free for the next two months.

If you aren’t already a standard Stadia user, all you have to do to play the Pro version for free is create an account. If you don’t wish to be charged, be sure to cancel the sub before the two month period is up.

Also, if you are already a Pro sub, Google is waiving your monthly free for the next two months.

Stadia Pro subs are automatically given access to nine games, including GRID, Destiny 2: The Collection, and Thumper. You can purchase additional games on the store, which will remain yours to play even if you cancel your Pro sub.

For more information on getting two months worth of Pro, hit up the official Stadia blog.