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Path of Exile Farming Guide: 10 Easy Ways to Get 6 Links


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Mar 16, 2022
Welcome to the world of Path of Exile farming! If you're looking to get your hands on 6-link items in PoE, you can try a few different methods. Here are some easy ways to get started:
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Farming Divination Cards
Divination cards are a great way to target specific items in PoE. There are several different divination cards that can be used to obtain 6-link items, such as "The Saint's Treasure" or "The King's Heart." Look up which divination cards drop the item you're interested in and farm those zones until you have enough cards to trade in.

Crafting your 6-link item can be a bit more expensive, but it allows you to have complete control over the outcome. You can either try to roll a 6-link on an existing item using currency orbs like Jeweller's Orbs or craft a 6-link from scratch using a Vaal Regalia (for armor) or a Siege Axe (for weapons) as your base.

If you have currency to spare, trading is always an option. Check poe.trade or other trading sites for players who are selling 6-link items and see if you can negotiate a good price.

Farming Maps
Running maps is a solid way to earn currency and potentially find 6-link items. The more difficult the map, the higher the chance for valuable drops. And remember, always pick up rare and unique items to sell for extra currency!

Delve Farming
Delve is an endless dungeon where you explore the depths of Wraeclast. While delving, you will encounter special nodes called Fossil Caverns, which contain fossils that can modify item crafting. By using the right combination of fossils, you can increase your chances of rolling a 6-link on an item.

Syndicate Farming
The Syndicate is a powerful organization in PoE, and defeating Syndicate members can reward you with items, including 6-links. Manipulating and interrogating Syndicate members' relationships can lead to encounters with Syndicate Safehouses, where valuable items can be found.

Blight Encounters
During Blight League encounters, you defend against waves of monsters while using towers to destroy the fungus. Successful encounters can reward you with Blight-specific unique items, some of which may have 6-links.

Temple of Atzoatl
In the Incursion League, you can enter the Temple of Atzoatl and modify its construction in the past to affect its present-day layout and rewards. By focusing on upgrading the Temple's Corruption Chamber or selecting rooms that offer 6-link chests, you can increase your chances of obtaining a 6-link item.

Betrayal Safehouses
In the Betrayal League, you encounter members of the Immortal Syndicate, and by manipulating their relationships, you can organize a raid on their Safehouses. These Safehouses can contain valuable items, including 6 links, depending on the rank and role of each Syndicate member leading the Safehouse.

Imprint Items and Harvest Crafting
With the introduction of the Harvest League, you can use the crafting bench to create a Crafted Imprint of an item. This imprint can be consumed later to restore the item to its imprinted state if you are not satisfied with the crafting outcome. This method allows you to take risks while crafting 6-links without fear of losing the entire investment.