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Path of Exile 2 will (hopefully) release before 2024


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Jan 25, 2022
Path of Exile 2 will (hopefully) release before 2024

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Summary, taken from the article:

"Path of Exile 2 is set to release before 2024 should things be smooth sailing.

Hype is a vital component of the gaming scene – at least when talking about it in the marketing side of things. It boosts the popularity of the upcoming game, and it can even lead to small-time game developers having more funds for their passion project. However, when there’s a delay, it kills the hype, and in turn, the game. Path of Exile’s sequel, Path of Exile 2, is set to be fully released in 2024 with the beta delayed to 2023. The good news is that Grinding Gear Games doesn’t have any plans to put out PoE 2 in a half-baked state, whereas the bad news is that the players will have no choice but to wait for a couple more years before they can play the sequel to the, now legendary, ARPG."