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Overpowered IMC Armories exploit still not fixed in Apex Legends after patch 1.97


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Mar 16, 2022
Despite Apex Legends patch 1.97 claiming the IMC Armories exploits had been fixed, players are still glitching through the top of the buildings to kill unsuspecting players inside.
Season 13 of Apex Legends introduced a huge amount of new features to the Outlands including the Storm Point Downed Beast POI, Ranked Reloaded, and of course the Heroic Defender, Newcastle.
Despite this, it’s the IMC Armories that have been garnering a lot of attention thanks to the incredible amount of loot they provide and unfortunately, the exploits being used to takedown those fighting the Spectres.

Shortly after Season 13 went live, players quickly realized you could use Wraith or Ash and a Trident to glitch through the roof of an armory and eliminate all the unsuspecting victims inside.
On June 7, Respawn announced that these IMC Armory exploits had been removed with patch 1.97, but the fix doesn’t seem to have worked.
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IMC Armories exploit still not fixed in patch 1.97
On June 7, Respawn released the 1.97 patch notes which were meant to solve the rampant exploits affecting the IMC Armories.
Although the methods involving Wraith and Ash are no longer possible, players have already figured out a new way to enter buildings just using the Trident as showcased by RossBobSquirrel.
This is a major issue as the IMC Armories are meant to be a location where squads can loot up and feel safe without the risk of being third-partied.
However, as exploiters can simply drop into the room at any point and gun down opponents while they’re taking on Spectres, it puts the players inside at a major disadvantage.

Keep in mind, as the devs have attempted to patch this exploit in the recent update, it’s obvious they do not want the community using it.
As a result, replicating the bug in your matches to gain an advantage over your enemies may lead to a ban, as Respawn has been cracking down on players using glitches.
Finger crossed a solution is found for this exploit as soon as possible or fans of IMC Armories may continue to get raided by sneaky squads from above.