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No, There Isn't a Daredevil Game With Troy Baker in Development

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Aug 25, 2020
Following a tweet exchange with Troy Baker that sent Marvel fans into a frenzy, Marvel Games VP Bill Rosemann has confirmed that there is no Daredevil game in development. Yesterday, Rosemann stoked rumours after an exchange with Troy Baker, where the voice actor responded to a tweet (by IGN's own Jonathon Dornbush, no less), asking "What is your dream superhero game and which developer would you want to make it?" by tagging in Rosemann and adding some cheeky coughs. Rosemann responded to the tweet, calling Baker "a man without fear," a phrase associated with the Marvel superhero Daredevil. Naturally, this caused mayhem on Twitter, with fans assuming that the two industry honchos were teasing a Daredevil game. Sadly, in a follow-up tweet Rosemann made clear that there is no such project in development:
From the office of Nelson & Murdock: While Bill greatly admires the Man Without Fear, there is no Daredevil game in development. Bill’s tweet to @TroyBakerVA was an acknowledgment of their shared desire about creating said game & he apologizes for any confusion his tweet created. pic.twitter.com/tFI2LiqquD

— Bill Rosemann (@BillRosemann) May 17, 2020
"Bill's tweet to @TroyBakerVA was an acknowledgement of their shared desire about creating said game & he apologises for any confusion his tweet created," Rosemann's tweet reads. Much ado about nothing then... but at least this fuss has made it clear to Marvel that the fan demand for a Daredevil game is there. You know what they say - speak of the devil, and he shall appear! For more on Daredevil, check out our piece surrounding the rumours that the masked crusader might appear in the next Spider-Man film. [poilib element="accentDivider"] Jordan Oloman is a freelance writer for IGN, who much prefers the Geordie version of Daredevil's origin story. Follow him on Twitter.

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