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Nintendo Nintendo ramping up Switch production to cope with demand – report

  • Staff
Nintendo is reportedly looking to produce more Switch units to compensate for recent shortages.

According to a new Nikkei report, Nintendo is working on increasing Switch production for the current year.

Switch has faced global shortages since as early as February, but recent lockdowns worldwide caused an even bigger strain on stock.

Nintendo simply wasn’t able to replenish stock as quickly as it would have wanted, but this is changing. According to Nikkei, Nintendo’s suppliers were informed of its desire to ramp up production in the April-June period by 10%. That said, Nintendo wouldn’t say how many consoles it plans to produce in that period.

“We hope [suppliers] will be responsive to the production increase, but for procurement of some parts, the outlook remains uncertain, and we can’t forecast exactly how many Switches can be supplied,” a Nintendo representative told Nikkei.

Given the timing of this, it’s likely going to be a couple of weeks before we start to notice the effects.



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