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New World Gets Scary With The Return Of Nightveil Hallow


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Mar 16, 2022
Nightveil Hallow returns to New World on October 18th and runs until November 14th. Baalphazu, the Marquis of Terror, will rise once again and must be banished back to the darkness. Players can earn new armor pieces 5 times a day and costumes 3 times a day fighting Baalphazu. Along the way earn Ichor which can be traded for even more Halloween-themed rewards.
New costumes include Adiana, Lost Monarch, Anubian Reaver, and the iconic Captain Thorpe.
Players in the MMORPG will also be able to search for hidden Treat Baskets in each town for a chance at new Baalphazu armor pieces (10% chance), Nightveil tokens 3 times a day, and a new item in candy, which comes in 4 flavors.
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