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Xbox PlayStation PC New Call of Duty: Warzone Glitch Sends Players to Gulag

  • Staff
After a multitude of bugs and glitches in Call of Duty: Warzone, players are finding themselves spawning inside Gulag when the game starts.

A multitude of glitches have plagued Call of Duty: Warzone since the Season 5 update dropped on August 5th. This time around, players are experiencing a strange bug that sees them spawn directly into the Gulag after dropping into Verdansk.

Since the start of Season 5, Warzone has been filled with new and exciting content for players to enjoy. However, much of Season 5's hype has been overshadowed by the slew of glitches and bugs that have been impacting players' gameplay and performance. From the infamous spiky gun glitch to a new invincible pillar in Stadium, Warzone players have been subject to errors that are making the game virtually unplayable.

While the Gulag spawn bug was probably discovered by many misfortunate players, Reddit user UnbadPod was able to record the glitched drop into Verdansk. The player is dropping into Quarry with his squad and a few enemies, business as usual for a typical Warzone drop. Moments later, the player hits the ground and appears to be without the starting pistol and any shield plates, just the swinging fists that players are familiar with in the Gulag. The screen fades to black and then the player is placed directly into the starting position of a Gulag match, without having been shot or killed. While this glitch might not cause the frustration of being killed at the end of a game by a player exploiting Warzone's unbreakable Gas Mask glitch, it is sure to have many players salty right at the beginning of a match.

There are a few noteworthy aspects of the video that may point to why the glitch occurred. Before even exiting the drop plane, one can see that the player does not have any shield, arguing that the game may have registered them as a Gulag player right off the bat. Another thing to note is that it appears the game has 151 players in it at the start of the match, one more than the game's maximum capacity. While this glitch may boil down to just another matchmaking error, it seems that one unlucky player will face the Gulag right away if the lobby is overloaded. Errors and bugs have riddled the Gulag since Warzone's March release, including a visually perplexing glitch that makes the Gulag disappear.

It appears that Infinity Ward's dev team will have a plethora of bugs and glitches to fix as Season 5 progresses. This is by far the highest number of glitches that have been discovered by players following the release of a new season. Infinity Ward has clearly put in the work to bring new and exciting map features, weapons, and content for players to enjoy, but it is being severely criticized due to the possibility of the dev team overlooking these errors as they loaded up Season 5.

Warzone players will be anxiously waiting for an update or patch to address some of the glitches. In the meantime, it appears some players are thoroughly enjoying the new content offered by Infinity Ward, including a group of players that have made it their mission to stop the train with armored trucks. Keep a close eye out for updates from Infinity Ward via their weekly briefings as they continue to honor and address glitches and bugs.